Employers have high expectations of new graduates, as well as a good degree – they need evidence of skills and attitude to show you will 'hit the ground running' and contribute straight away.

Develop your skills (or competencies as they are often called) and add to your network of contacts by getting involved in: 

Keep a record of development with Career Ahead award – identify and develop skills that employers look for, gain certificates for your CPD records.

Bright Futures Fund:

Bright Futures provides financial support to students at the University of Cumbria undertaking internships or work experience relevant to their future career.

Bright Futures is linked to the Skills Development element of the University of Cumbria Employability Award, Career Ahead, whereby students undertake 100 hours extra-curricular activity, for example, volunteer/paid employment, coaching, mentoring, caring, student ambassador work etc.

The aim of Bright Futures is to assist students in improving their personal and professional development by allowing them to take up critical experiences they may otherwise not be able to afford and providing life-changing experiences. 

Find out more and apply here: Bright Futures

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