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BSc (Hons) - Criminology with Applied Psychology

Are you passionate about understanding why individuals commit crime? Are you committed to addressing the psychological impacts at a personal and community level?

We are here for you with a criminology with applied psychology course designed by academics with a wealth of research and practice expertise.

Uncover the Minds Behind Crime.


Accredited by:

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The British Psychological Society

Course Overview

This criminology degree allows you to specialise in applied psychology. You’ll build in-depth knowledge of the research, theory and practice, covering topics such as the causes of crime, rehabilitation process and new ideas in criminology. You’ll work towards a piece of independent research in an area that interests you. Industry-active tutors will give you high levels of support and ensure learning remains current.

Volunteering is a key extra-curricular activity and you’ll have opportunity to make the most of this via our annual Volunteer Fair. Our close ties with the Police, numerous businesses and professional bodies will help fast track your job hunt.

Your course will supply you with a skill set to pursue a professional career in psychology or a criminology-based role. You may decide to work directly with offenders in a probation, prison or community-based setting, or, focus on the needs of victims. You will also be ideally placed to pursue specialist clinical psychology training or postgraduate criminology research.

On this course you will...

  • Develop a critical insight into the work of the criminal justice system in bringing offenders to justice.
  • Develop robust research skills in psychology with a focus on crime.
  • Have the opportunity and be supported in volunteering in criminology related fields, providing excellent job prospects.
  • Be accredited by The British Psychological Society.

Course Structure

What you will learn

The applied nature of the programme means that you will focus on how psychological and criminological approaches are used in the real world, to inform policy and practice and more generally to enhance your understanding of human behaviour in a constantly changing global world. This will include exploring the relationships between crime and social change, and the complexities of individual factors that affect human interactions and interpersonal processes.

Year one
  • Crime and Deviance
    An introduction to the concept of crime and deviance in both its historical and contemporary context.
  • Criminal Justice System
    An introduction to the structure of the Criminal Justice System of England and Wales.
  • Becoming a Criminologist
    An introduction to the wide range of professions that studying Criminology and associated disciplines can lead to.
  • Introduction to Psychological Research Methods
    An introduction to the nature of psychological enquiry and research skills.
  • Psychology in Action
    An introduction to a range of theories and models from developmental, cognitive and biological psychology and to apply these to a range of human behaviours and contexts.
  • Introduction to Data Analysis
    An introduction to the processes involved in the analysis and interpretation of quantitative and qualitative data.
Year two
  • Explaining Crime
    Explore how society decides what is and is not ‘criminal’. Definitions of ‘criminal’ and ‘criminality’, taking into account social contexts of crime such as youth, race and ethnicity will be discussed.
  • Bringing Offenders to Justice
    Examine, analyse and evaluate policy, procedures and practices involved in bringing offenders to justice.
  • Prison and Punishment
    Consider the nature and development of penal institutions, the penal regimes within late-modern societies, and the role of rehabilitation.
  • Research Methods and Statistics
    An introduction to statistical techniques that deal with more than one independent variable at two or more levels, including within, between and mixed participant designs.
  • Development, Brain and Cognition
    Explore the potential impact on human development and behaviour of a range of factors.
  • Social and Community Psychology
    Learn to apply theories of social psychology to understanding the experiences and behaviours of people within their community.
Year three
  • New Challenges in Criminology
    Consider crime and social harm beyond national borders, exploring innovative ways to consider crime, harm and victimisation.
  • Inequalities in the Criminal Justice System
    Critically examine current debates and controversies in society concerning marginalisation, social exclusion and discrimination and their relationship to the criminal justice system.
  • Critical Psychology
    Critically debate the ideological basis of psychological knowledge, methods and applications.
  • Individual Differences: Abilities, Personalities and Measuring Differences
    An introduction to the nature of individual differences in human behaviour across a wide spectrum of human development and the use of Psychological testing to assess difference.
  • Dissertation
    Pursue an investigation on a topic of interest in criminology.

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