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Placement Unit Team

Education Contacts

Carlise, Lancaster, and London Campus

Elaine Burch   Placement Administrator   01228 279370
Paula Foster   Placement Administrator   01228 279387
Jackie Hartley   Placement Administrator   01228 242850
Stuart Moor   Placement Administrator   01228 242880
Rumana Awan   Administrative Assistant   01228 242884
Claire Kempster   Administrative Assistant   01228 242887
Linda Muir   Administrative Assistant   01228 242882


Generic Email:

Generic Phone: 01228 279 289

Health Contacts

For uniform, expense claims and declaration forms please contact our Customer Service team on the details below.

Customer Service Team

Caroline Garnett, Administrative Assistant

Tel: 01228 242891


General Enquiries



Data Information Enquiries



Please direct any placement queries to your Placement Administrator using the contact details below.

Nursing, SCPHN & AMHP

Paramedic, Social Work, Sports, Youth & Community Development

Midwifery, Occupational Therapy & RTP

Physiotherapy, Radiography and HEFCE Courses

Management Team

Placement Unit

David Ellison, Placement Manager

Tel: 01228 242872


Tim Fletcher, Senior Placement Administrator

Tel: 01228 242863


School Engagement

Kath Norris, Head of Teaching, Learning and Student Experience

Tel: 07816317648



Patrick Freeman, Partnership Development Lead (Primary)

Tel: 01228 616155



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