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Placement Unit Team

How To Contact Us

Please see a complete list of the The Placement Unit Email addresses to enable you to direct your query.


Education Enquiries -

Education Mentor Training Enquiries -

Health General Enquiries -

Health Data Information Enquiries -

Midwifery Enquiries -

Nursing Enquiries -

Occupational Therapy Enquiries -

Paramedic Enquiries -

Physiotherapy Enquiries -

Radiography Enquiries -

Return to Practice Enquiries -

Social Work Enquiries -

Sports Placements Enquiries - 


In addition to the above email addresses we have 3 Group Numbers that can be answered by the team - please be aware they may not be a specialist in your course and may need to take details and refer your query to the appropriate member of the team

General Enquiries Group Tel: 01228 279289

Education Enquiries Group Tel: 01524 385697

Health Enquiries Group Tel: 01524 590816


The Placement Unit Team

Management Team

Kat Wilkinson - Placement Unit Manager.

Tel: 01228 242875   Email:


Tim Fletcher - Placement Officer (Education)

Tel: 01228 242863   Email:


Denise Jefferies - Placement Officer (Processing)

Tel: 01228 242871   Email:


Placement Administrators

Lisa Bates - Midwifery Placements, Occupational Therapy Placements

Tel: 01228 242866   Email:


Elaine Burch - Education Placements - London Campus, Education Mentor Training

Tel: 01228 279370   Email:


Jackie Hartley - Education Placements - Carlisle Campus, School Delivery Partners,  Social Work Placements

Tel: 01228 242850   Email:


Cassandra Kitchin - Nursing Placements

Tel: 01228 242870   Eamil:


Bryony Lowe - Education Placements - Secondary, Institute of Science and Environment Placements

Tel: 01228 242554   Email:


Stuart Moor - Education Placements - Lancaster Campus

Tel: 01228 242880   Email:


Hass Noshib - Paramedic Placements, Radiography Placements, Sports Placements

Tel: 01228 242338   Email:


Alex Pegnall - Physiotherapy Placements, Return to Practice Placements, Uniform Enquiries

Tel: 01228 279334   Email:


Administration Assistants

Jo Airey

Tel: 01228 242480   Email:


Rumana Awan

Tel: 01228 242884   Email:


Caroline Garnett

Tel: 01228 242891   Email:


Claire Kempster

Tel: 01228 242887   Email:


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