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Annalise Short, A photo of Annalise ShortAnnalise Short, class of 2014, Applied Psychology

Annalise graduated from her applied psychology degree, based at Fusehill Street, only 3 short years ago. At age 24 she is now the marketing manager for Ebuyer.com one of the UK's leading online electrical retailers.  “I have worked so hard for this! From staying late at previous jobs, to spending weeks away from home at a time. It’s been hard, but it’s worth it.” States Annalise.

Ambitious and focused, Annalise worked whilst she studied allowing her to buy her first home two years after completing her course. She is now rightfully proud that she manages a team of ten people and coaches them to the next stage in their careers. “Working with people is the most satisfying aspect of my job! I love it, also being in marketing/sales I also love the thrill of hitting that target!” explains Annalise.

Annalise’s advice to recent graduates, “Grab every opportunity you can, volunteer in as many different roles as possible, and if you don’t like the role, quit. I’ve worked with so many people who just come to work to pay the bills and they’re truly unhappy in the job they’re doing.  Life is too short to spend 5 days a week doing something you don’t want to do; set your goals, and do everything you can to get there.”


Simon Reddis-White, class of 2008, Sports Studies

When Simon finished college he was unsure of what to study so picked his sports studies course as it was of interest to him. “St. Martin’s College had one of the best reputations for sports courses and Lancaster was the right size city for me.” Simon explains.

Freshers, was without a doubt Simon’s favourite experience at university, “Two weeks of meeting new people and celebrating the start of university” he explains. And his favourite aspect of the course was his tutor Hamish Telfor whom he found inspirational.

Following his degree Simon studied a Cert-Ed and became a teacher but now works for Transporeon GMBH which is the leading global cloud platform for intelligent transport logistics as their IT Project Manager. “I wouldn’t have achieved the success I have had professionally without my degree, you can achieve without a degree but with a degree it makes opening the doors easier.” States Simon.

His current ambition is to be a consultant running his own company and his advice to our students today: “Don’t get too tied up in what will you do after you finish, enjoy your time at university as the memories will be with you forever. Always remember to study to the best of your ability and always challenge yourself.”


Sophie Allinson, class of 2015, Law

Sophie Allinson, Sophie AllinsonDuring third year of her law degree, Sophie was lucky enough to get a 4 week placement at Burnetts Solicitors in Carlisle. This was dream come true for Sophie, “I’ve always loved the firm and am a home bird so wanted to stay local.” She explains. Her placement led to a contract and she is now a Trainee Solicitor. “My immediate career ambition is to qualify as a Solicitor in September 2018. I would love to be kept on by Burnetts once qualified and work towards becoming an associate, and later a partner, within the firm.” She adds.

Sophie has always wanted a career where she can help people and so law fit perfectly. And helping people in difficult personal and emotional times in their lives the most satisfying aspect of her job now. Sophie explains, “seeing the change in a client from when they initially instructed you, to completion of the matter, helping them through a difficult time and solving problems is incredibly rewarding.”

Sophie followed her older brother to UoC, he studied Policing and now works for Cumbria Constabulary. But it was the smaller class sizes that first attracted her to the Fusehill Street campus. “There was a definite sense of community spirit at UoC, both between the pupils and also between the pupils and lecturers. Nothing was too much trouble for the tutors and they always found the time to be supportive which was fantastic.”


Zoe Gadd, class of 2005, Performing Arts

I left with a first class BA from what was then Cumbria Institute of the Arts in 2005 and went on (after a short time away), to work for the college almost 10 years in varying capacities at. There were challenges throughout this time but I have taken many fond memories and skills with me as I've forged (and continue to forge) my own business - Dance Ahead.

I have found that the thing that drives me is helping to boost others through confidence, play, exploration and creativity and providing a sense of community for learning about ourselves and each other.

We are currently planning our largest project to date - 12 Days of Carlisle - an event that belongs to the city and aims to give back, as well as showcase its gems. It is an exciting project that can only happen with the support of the community.

In the last two years I have received two successful grants from a variety of funders (the University included) and have built a number of partnerships with a broad range of collaborators. We have set up the first ever Dancer in Residence agreement at Carlisle Youth Zone.



Ellie Missen, A photo of Ellie MissenEllie Missen, class of 2009, Outdoor Education

Ambitious Ellie has not one but two jobs! She is a student recruitment officer here at the university and a lifestyle and business coach with her own business. “In my job working for the University of Cumbria, it is all about the students! I love connecting with them, helping them choose and make choices about university. You see so many amazing young adults who you know will make a big impact in the future society!” she explains. “Working for myself, it is also about helping people! It is amazing to help individuals from wherever you are in the world, create a new age business in today’s busy and hectic world!”

Ellie picked her outdoor studies course due to the vast array of practical elements. A particular favourite was wild camping and canoeing between the Scottish Islands! “An amazing experience, in such a remote beautiful area.” She describes. “The skills, knowledge and people my course has put me in touch with have 100% made an impact on me, my career and where I live today. I am very grateful for the opportunities that have been made for me by the UoC!”

Ellie’s main ambition is to do events within the outdoor industry, plus continuing with her own business.  Ellie explains, “I set up ESM Global Lifestyle 3 years ago alongside my full time busy day job. I work within the health and wellbeing sector helping lots of other people like me set up flexible businesses around their other commitments. In the long term, I will be working full time in my business It is amazing to help so many people all over the world. It is really satisfying, but I won’t be giving up the events anytime soon! There are lots of ideas and projects I’m undertaking at the moment, so keep your eyes peeled!”

Ellie’s top advice for today’s students… “One of my favourite business entrepreneurs said ‘If someone offers you an opportunity, but you’re not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!’  Opportunity offers the bold!”


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