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The University of Cumbria was formed in 2007 by the merger of St Martin’s College (which included Charlotte Mason College from the late 1990s), Cumbria Institute of the Arts and University of Central Lancashire’s Cumbria sites, operating from campuses spread across Cumbria and North Lancashire. We may be a relatively new university, but we are steeped in history dating right the way back to 1882.

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St. Martin’s College, Charlotte Mason College and Cumbria Institute of the Arts are our 'legacy institutions' and graduates of these colleges are just as much a part of the alumni association as anyone who graduated post 2007.

We are very proud of our heritage and the diverse institutions that joined together to form the university.  We know that the history of each of our unique campuses is very important to the many alumni who studied there, so we hope to keep your memories alive on our pages.


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