The Lancaster campus of the University of Cumbria started life as a barracks for the King's Own Royal Regiment and it was this association which gave the teaching college its name - St. Martin's - after a Roman soldier who converted to Christianity.

The King’s Own Royal Regiment vacated the barracks and the site was purchased by the Church of England. Former armouries, barracks and other buildings were converted and others demolished to be replaced by new buildings designed by Charles Pike.

Post-war review of teacher training led to the instigation of Lancaster College of Education 1962. The first intake of 89 students (supported by 13 staff) was in 1964.

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To find out more about the history of St. Martin’s College, the King’s Own Royal Regiment or the history of higher education in Lancaster, here are some useful resources:

  • S. Martin’s College Lancaster 1964-89 by Peter S. Gedge and Lois M R Louden, published by University of Lancaster
  • Shaping the Future: A history of the University of Lancaster 1961-2011 by Marion McClintock, published by University of Lancaster

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