Discover what life was like during the 1960s at St. Martin’s College

St. Martins College came into being in September 1964 when the very first intake of 89 mixed sex students and 13 staff stepped foot onto campus.  ‘Campus’ in 1964 was perhaps a loose definition with many parts still very much a building site.

Charles Pike was the architect appointed to transform the former barracks into a modern college campus. The chapel was positioned at the centre and heart of the campus to reflect its important role in student life.

Hugh Pollard was appointed as the first principal, a former headmaster and Oxford graduate, Dr Pollard was very well regarded but rather an eccentric principal.

In 1966 the William Thompson Hall was built, known affectionately by all subsequent generations of students as the ‘Willy Tom’ and named after the wealthy philanthropist who donated the funds to have it built.

In 1967 St. Martin’s College was officially opened by Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, a tree was planted on campus in honour of the occasion.

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