Have you got an exciting new job, working on a new project, want everyone to know about your own business, had something published or exhibited? Perhaps you are getting married or had a baby? Whatever your news, we would love to hear about it and share it with your fellow alumni. Email us if you would like to be included in the next edition.

Kimberley Barker

Kimberley Barker, class of 2012 Joint Musical Theatre and Drama Performance, joined The Diamonette Showgirls who are a professional cabaret group, she is their Lead Vocalist. The group are doing fabulously well and have been signed by a production company with tours overseas and a summer season at the Blackpool Philharmonic Hotel. You can catch up with the Diamonette Showgirls and find tour dates on their Facebook page.

David Sessford

David Sessford, class of 2004 Multimedia and Digital Animation, is a self employed SEO/Internet Marketer. After running a successful SEO website Rank Warrior with nine staff and clients worldwide, he now 'takes things a bit slower' and has the luxury of working when he likes looking out over the beach at South Shields, on his internet marketing websites such as Better Price Paid, one of the biggest national property buying companies in the UK. It sounds like David is doing very well for himself.

Sayed (Ali) Rawnaq

Sayed (Ali) Rawnaq, class of 2013 MBA in Leadership and Sustainability. Ali works as Business Alignment Project Lead for The First MicroFinanceBank in Afghanistan and is quickly working his way up to achieve his ambitions of being CEO of his own company after several promotions and merit certificates. Ali says his persistency in achievement is what gets him promoted and we have no doubt he will realise his ambitions in no time.

Rebecca Tan

Rebecca Tan, class of 2008 Dance and Musical Theatre. You can now find Rebecca if you tune into Bid TV Shopping Channel where she works as a TV presenter and Expert. During her exciting career in TV Rebecca has presented at London Fashion Week and music and fashion interviews with the likes of Anna Wintour, Kelly Brook, Pixie Lott etc. In her free time she also writes a hugely popular fashion blog, The Cinnamon Slipper, which has created a lot of work opportunities and collaborations with other companies.

Emma Yates

Emma Yates, class of 2012 Primary Education, now teaches a Reception class in a brand new, state of the art international baccalaureate school in Dubai, UAE. Not only does Emma work for an amazing school she has the added privileges of a tax free salary, an apartment in the city (paid for by the school) and the excellent opportunity to live and work in a beautiful and incredible city in the Middle East. Well done, Emma, your job sounds fantastic!

Iftikar Hussain

Iftikar Hussain, class of 2012 Business Management, runs MaJaan, a family Bengali Asian takeaway business in Carlisle, and is the Marketing Manager. Iftikar did not complete his degree, leaving instead to set up the business, but he maintains that what he learnt at Cumbria gave him the skills and knowledge to succeeed in the business world. He believes that anyone can set out to achive what you want and all you need is a goal.

Alistair Cameron and Martyn Green

Alistair Cameron and Martyn Green, both class of 2013 Performing Arts, set up Busk or Bust, a European musical charity challenge in aid of Unicef. They set off with just their guitars in January 2014 to see how far they could get just from the money they earnt from busking and have raised nearly £1000 for Unicef already. They have a Facebook page to document their adventures.

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