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How to complete the online DBS application


Please read this guidance after reading the ‘How and when to provide your ID’ page, as what you see in the online form varies slightly according to which ID-checking category you fall into or have chosen.


What do I need to have with me to do my online DBS application?

  • The three ID documents that you intend to take to a participating Post Office (UK and Northern Ireland applicants) or to an appropriate professional local to you (if outside mainland UK and Northern Ireland) to verify your identity. If you provided your ID documents to the University of Cumbria, you need the same ones to hand.

You will be asked to input certain details from these.

  • Your address history for the past 5 years (including term-time or other temporary addresses). Overseas applicants who have lived in the UK must include any UK addresses within the last 5 years in their address history.
  • Your National Insurance number (UK only).
  • A credit or debit card (including security passwords) for online payment-where applicable to your course. If it is impossible for you to pay by card online you will be offered alternative arrangements at the stage of submitting your application – please proceed with the online application anyway.

Before you start

  • You need to use a PC/Mac or laptop to access your online application, not a tablet or a mobile phone. Either of the latter are likely to cause you problems logging-in and attempting to submit the application.
  • View your log-in email in HTML format, not as text. This is because you need to click on the hyperlink given in the email to access your account; it will not work if you copy and paste the link, or type-in the web address manually.

The version of the online application that you see varies according to how your ID is being verified. Your DBS log-in email will indicate which ID-checking group you fall within: this is dictated by your current home address in our student database: -

  • If you live in mainland UK or Northern Ireland, your ID-checking group is 'Post Office ID Check'.
  • If you live outside mainland UK and Northern Ireland, your ID-checking group is 'Non-UK ID Check'.
  • If you have opted to provide your ID to the University of Cumbria (you must contact us to arrange this and provide your reasons), your ID-checking group is then 'University of Cumbria' and your DBS email will say 'Part 2' in the subject line.

  • If your ID-checking group is either 'Post Office ID Check' or 'Non-UK ID Check', you will be asked a question about your nationality at the beginning of the online application. It is really important that you answer this question correctly, in line with what is stated on your passport; UK Biometric Residence Permit; or other approved, UK Home Office-issued documentation. If you provided your ID documents to the University of Cumbria, this part of the application will have been completed for you and you will not see this question.


How to complete your online DBS form

Go to our disclosure application website

Activate your account using your email address and date of birth in the two boxes, as shown.

For Post Office/Non-UK ID check: EU/EEA/Non-EEA Nationals

If you have had your ID documents verified by the University of Cumbria, answer the security questions

Give your consent to undergo a DBS check

Complete the Applicant Details section

National Insurance Number

Current postcode

Any previous addresses in the last 5 years?

Criminal Record

For Post Office/non-UK ID check: enter details from your ID documents

Check the details you have entered: really important!

Payment Gateway, if it applies to your course

Problems with submission

Print your referral letter (Post Office or non-UK ID check only)

If you need to log back in to complete your application

Payment of DBS fee (where applicable)

Contact us

If you have questions about the DBS application process please email


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