Health and Society Knowledge Exchange

Health and Society Knowledge Exchange (HASKE), at the University of Cumbria, is an established research and evaluation unit, which will deliver a range of evaluation and knowledge exchange activities.

Our team of researchers have extensive professional experience in fields including nursing, social work, occupational therapy, sport and physical activity and community development. The senior team leading HASKE has experience of working with NHS trusts, local authorities, governmental departments, European funders, community groups and third sector organisations.

Relevant Evaluations

HASKE delivers evaluations that are tailored to client needs, intellectually robust and practice-relevant. The senior team in HASKE works with potential clients to understand the needs and purposes of the evaluation, and draws in expertise from the wider team of researchers, as required.

Team members are happy to discuss evaluation options with clients and, in addition to full evaluations the HASKE team also offers advice, consultancy, evaluability assessment, dissemination and facilitation.

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HASKE offers a bespoke training programme of short modules designed to allow students to engage with either, or both, quantitative and qualitative approaches to evaluation. The modules range from introductions to the evaluation process, to advanced training in specific methods and techniques. This training can be offered to individuals on one of our university campuses, or as a bespoke training package to organisations

To discuss any evaluation needs, or to find out more about the HASKE services and training, contact Victoria Goodwin.

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Recent Projects

Our most recent projects include:

  • Community health initiatives
  • Leadership training in the caring professions
  • Cross-profession interaction in health and social care
  • Mental health improvement programmes in schools
  • Professional training and development programmes
  • Service delivery in health and social care
  • Policy change and implementation in organisations

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Recent Projects
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