Nominated for the RCNi Andrew Parker award for Student Nurse of the year, as well as the Student Nursing Times Awards 'Most Inspirational Student Nurse of the Year', Mental Health Nursing student Catherine Hind proved to everyone what an extraordinary person she is.

There were two main reasons why Catherine chose to come to our university. "I am originally from the Lune Valley, not far from Lancaster. I chose UoC because it is near to home and it had an excellent reputation for turning out good quality nurses. I also liked the size of the campus. It's small, which I liked - no getting lost on the way to lectures."

Once she got started on her course, she realised she'd made the right choice. "I have been extremely impressed by the standard of teaching, the support provided and how valued we all made to feel as students. The campus is so calm and quiet, it’s a very relaxing environment. I love how friendly everyone is. All the staff, academic and support are so nice and welcoming. Ask anyone a question and they go out of their way to help."

She was particularly impressed by her tutors.

My tutors are amazing! They take time to get to know all their students personally, take an interest in us and then support us with our own ambitions. They are so invested in us and so supportive, it would be hard not to form a strong bond with them.

One person stood out as a personal hero. "Definitely Louise Corless, pathway lead for undergraduate mental health nursing. She is a true inspiration to us all, an amazing tutor (and nurse) and the cheerleader of all her students."

"I have been given lots of opportunities to develop as a person and have encouraged all the way to pursue the jobs I really really want."

Catherine didn't just focus on her studies though. "I have been involved in a lot of extracurricular work and being able to do this as a student has been great. I have made a real difference to the nursing world and beyond and this is something I never thought possible when I started my degree."

What would Catherine advise to those considering studying at the University of Cumbria? "Go for it! If you want good quality teaching and want to be a person, not a number, in a classroom, this is the place to come. And for anyone who is nervous about going away from home for the first time or is worried about coping with university life, this is the place for you. You will be so supported you will settle straight in."

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