After completing an undergraduate degree closer to home, Ciara chose to complete her MSc in Occupational Therapy at our university. "I got a really good first impression at my interview day. The staff were very friendly and the campus wasn’t too big. Having come from a supportive and personal university in Dublin, I got the impression that UoC was also like this. The location, being near to the Lake District, was also a factor in deciding which English university to attend."

The staff continues to make a good impression. "Without a doubt, the staff were the best part of my university experience. From day one, I felt welcomed and supported by our course lead, personal tutor, and other academic staff. They were always willing and able to answer my questions about coursework and placements.

"Susie Wilson (course lead) has made a big difference to my experience at UoC. From the very beginning, she knew all our names and always greeted us with a caring smile. Despite being extremely busy, she always made time to meet with us, check in on us and provide feedback on our progress. Susie’s support throughout my two years has been wonderful and I truly believe that she wants the best for all her students."

I truly believe the occupational therapy staff at UoC care about their students and want them to succeed. I experienced this many times over my two years at UoC, particularly when difficulties arose.

It wasn't just the staff on the course that impressed Ciara though. "The breadth of opportunities available in terms of placements, learning events, CPD study days and training days have been instrumental in developing my skills to enable me to be a competent occupational therapist. I completed my placements in Whitehaven, Carlisle, Isle of Man and currently on my final placement in Dublin. Having the option to complete an elective placement in my home city has been a huge benefit."

Ciara would definitely recommend the course to others. "If their experience was anything like mine, they would have a wonderful few years being taught by incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated staff, while having fun and living in a beautiful part of the country."

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