Shannon aspired to be a solicitor and decided to do her Law degree at the University of Cumbria because it was close to home.

"I loved the chance to do hands on work; the course shows you what work in the field is like. Being taught by former/current solicitors and barristers means that we get real life experiences and advice on a career in law," she said.

"All members of staff on the course are always available whenever you need to talk. Whether that is a course concern or a personal problem, I feel I can approach any member of staff. I have also brought some things to the attention of the staff during tutor/student meetings and I have seen for myself the changes being made, so I feel confident that the staff listen to the students and value us and our opinions on the course. All staff are eager to help whatever the problem and that means the relationships built between us make us equal and we can discuss issues when needed."

My life has changed dramatically as now I am in perfect stead for my future law career

"In year three, we are offered a placement option if students wish to undertake it. We are also introduced to local law firms and are encouraged to make contacts with local businesses and solicitors. The Law Ball is held each year for staff students and local lawyers in order to make these contacts in an informal and fun setting."

Thanks to the contacts she made during her time at the university, Shannon secured a training contract at a local law firm.

"My life has changed dramatically as now I am in perfect stead for my future law career," she said. "If I wasn't part of University of Cumbria I may not have secured my training contract."

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