I started University later in my life compared to the rest of my classmates (they were pretty shocked to find out my age!)

What’s it like studying Biomedical Sciences at the University of Cumbria?

It was a surreal experience going back into education after being in the “real world” for so long, and to be honest I was terrified about how I would be perceived being the old lady of the class! I started my university experience online through Lockdown in my foundation year and perhaps the veil of my computer screen helped my anxiety and fear dampen, however I did feel the loneliness of not being able to see my classmates, not being able to catch up with them in the canteen over a coffee and, our shared misery over dreaded assignments… so I looked forward to my first in person year at university! When the first in person year started, I was comforted and thoroughly surprised about how easy it was to speak to my classmates and I realised that my “old lady” fears were completely unwarranted, even after they found out my age! We speak about coursework and life and we each give our own views from the different stages of our life.

What are your favourite things on the course?

Being Biomedical Science students, we're all interested in different aspects of the field. Myself I wanted to specialise in Haematology and Parasitology and if I have time maybe a bit of Virology and Genetics on the side! Some of my classmates are interested in Pathology and Biochemistry and this course has opened up a whole remit of other interests that we all want to get more involved in, some classes I would never of though I would be interested in! As part of my foundation year we were taken by lecturers in Zoology, and it was a subject I never thought I would be partial too but finding out more about how little beasties live and thrive fascinated me and our lectures about how we as humans effect the world around us in ways I didn’t think matter, it was eye opening!

How are the lecturers?

The lecturers themselves are some of the most approachable and friendly people I have ever had the privilege to learn from. As a student at Cumbria University, I have felt nothing but support and encouragement not only to help understand the problems I face but to make them easier. Whether that be booking some extra time after class to understand a research paper on the translocation of double strand breaks or just booking a one-on-one tutorial with me to ensure that my mental health is ok.

Any last thoughts?

Deciding to be a student at University of Cumbria has been one of the most daunting decisions of my life. To put aside the world of work where I had been a clog in a machine for a decade in the hopes of developing a career that I would find exciting and interesting but looking back now it was one of the best decisions of my life. The people I have met, classmates and lecturers alike, are some of the nicest and caring people I have met and no matter what lies in the future, I know that I will be much better off because of the time I have spent at University.

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Ambleside in the evening

Ambleside in the evening

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