What’s it like studying Geography? My name is Sarah and hopefully I can answer that for you!

Choosing a university 

Throughout secondary school I had never considered university as a route that I would take. However, when doing my Geography A level, I really fell into a deep interest in the subject and the amazing career opportunities that I could have. So, I decided to apply for Geography courses at multiple universities; The University of Cumbria being my first choice (more about that in a bit!) After gaining some respectable A level results, I was accepted into the University of Cumbria. 

Upon visiting the Lake District campus located in Ambleside, I knew it was the place for me! The course offers a unique hands-on learning experience where students can gain valuable employable skills through fieldwork which often takes place right on your doorstep! The course also focuses on modules that are best suited for future employment such as ‘Catchment Management’ which really appealed to me. Furthermore, the smaller course sizes allow for a more focused and supported learning environment. Not to mention the Lake District is the ideal place to study such a subject! 

My experiences on the course 

Throughout my time at the University of Cumbria, I have had many amazing opportunities that if I had not gone to university, I would not have had. For example, we had the incredible opportunity to go to Iceland and carry out our own research project on an actual glacier! I also had the brief opportunity to work alongside the National Trust for my dissertation project for which I was going to collect data about carbon storage in floodplains. However, this was sadly interrupted by Covid-19, but a great experience nonetheless! 

I am glad I took the leap and went to the University of Cumbria and completed a degree in BSc Geography. I will be graduating as a first-generation student with a first-class degree. Studying geography has opened me up to a wide range of career options and has helped me gain transferable skills. I am looking forward to where this degree will take me in the future. 

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On top of Coire Dubh on the Scottish Isle of Rum

On top of Coire Dubh on the Scottish Isle of Rum

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