Research is an integral part of what we do in the Business, Industry and Leadership Department. Our staff contribute individually, in groups and at centres to leading research at regional, national and international levels.

Research in Business

The University of Cumbria Business School undertakes research and consultancy in areas of strength including the regional economy, leadership and sustainability. There are two research centres reflecting these themes: the Centre for Regional Economic Development (CRED) based in Brampton Road in Carlisle, and the Institute for Leadership and Sustainability (IFLAS) based in Ambleside.

To find out more about getting involved contact us at or on 01228 888740.

Find out more about CRED

Find out more about IFLAS

Research in Law

The law team’s expertise includes the teaching of legal and lawyering skills, law of privacy, counter-terrorism, criminal defences, medical law and ethics and technology-enhanced learning. These research and scholarly activities are utilised in the design of our curriculum, law modules on offer and in teaching our students within the curriculum.

Our staff have been involved in many individual research projects over the years, including:

Staff have also produced many textbooks on subjects ranging from legal skills, land law and legal careers to exploring methods of improving students' research capabilities and understanding of research sources.

Research in Policing

The University of Cumbria is at the cutting edge of providing support to the Police Service in its quest for evidence of best practice in policing. Whether it is operational policing tactics or the increasing use of technology in pursuit of crime reduction, we have the capacity and expertise to critically evaluate the effectiveness of policing, with a team who are well-equipped, experienced and qualified in the field.

Academics and research students are currently engaged in exercises and studies evaluating the police use of mobile data, policing in rural areas and targeted operations such as ‘hot spot policing’. Both students and academics are able to lend their expertise to police forces requiring critical study of their own practices to ensure their effectiveness and impact.  

Students on our programmes will have the opportunity to undertake in-depth research in aspects of policing of specific interest. The future is all about practitioners and academia working together to ensure policing is truly effective and delivers value for money.

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