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Opened by globally acclaimed artist and former student Conrad Atkinson, Vallum Gallery is home to a number of in-house and external exhibitions each year.

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If you would like to discuss hosting an exhibition in the Vallum Gallery, please contact Gallery Curator Laura Baxter.

2018 Season Exhibitions

15 January 2018 - 16 February 2018

Wildlife Media Exhibition

A showcase of talent from our BA (Hons) Wildlife Media degree students, who photograph and film the diverse flora and fauna of The Lake District and locations nationwide, highlighting conservation issues and our relationship with the natural world.

05 March 2018 - 23 March 2018

Merzwomen and The Daughters of Dada

Presenting new work by Jackie Haynes & Heather Ross within the over-arching context of Kurt Schwitters’ 'Merz.'  In 1919, Schwitters created his personal form of collage using ‘merz’ extending the name to all his creative activities, including poetry and performances. 

09 April 2018 - 27 April 2018

Patti Lean Solo Show

An exhibition from Fine Art staff member and PhD researcher, Patti Lean, incorporating a Fine Art student work (

07 May 2018 - 21 May 2018


Since the beginning of comics, almost 180 years ago, female protagonists have been few and far between. Almost 70% of well-known comic characters are male.

Lyon BD Organisation and the renowned creator JC Deveney launched a research project and exhibition called “Hero(ine)s, Female Representation in Comics”. Built on doctorates’ research and comic artists’ interviews, this exhibition presents more than 20 artistic contributions in which the greatest heroes are given feminine traits. This new incarnation features additional work by UK, Flemish and Finnish artists and has its first presentation in English in the UK in May 2018 returning to the Lakes International Comic Arts Festival in October 2018.

"Hero(ine)s" plays on role reversal in order to highlight the underrepresentation of women in the medium. The results can make us smile but, more importantly, encourage much-needed reflection on stereotypes, clichés and more. See our poster

02 June 2018 - 08 June 2018 

The Degree Show 2018

A celebration of our BA & MA Degree student’s work across all art forms.  The gallery features graduating student creative talent, and the entire Institute of the Arts will become alive with exhibitions and performances across all of its departments, which all open their doors to the public for this campus-wide exhibition. 

Friday 01 June 2018. 4.00pm - 6.00pm - Degree Exhibition Business Private View

Friday 01 June 2018.  6.00pm - 8.00pm - Degree Exhibition Friends & Family Private View

25 June 2018 - 20 July 2018

Rosie Galloway-Smith Solo Exhibition 

A show of new work with a particular focus on portraiture and identity, from a prolific artist and educator (

September 2018:

New programme for 2018-19 featuring highlights such as a solo show from the acclaimed artist, Alan Stones (