(South Lakes School Direct)

Level: Secondary
Courses: PGCE Secondary Education with QTS in Mathematics and English
Location: Cumbria
Start date: September 2019
Lead school: Queen Elizabeth School

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About Our Alliance

This is a fantastic opportunity to train with an outstanding and inspirational federation of schools, some of the country's best, based in the beautiful southern reaches of the Lake District. Our philosophy is simple: the highest standards of scholarship and care.

Queen Elizabeth School is the lead school for the South Lakes School Direct Federation of Schools. We are a member of a group of outstanding secondary schools, a special school, a further education college and a local university. Our institutions offer a range of contexts including both rural and town settings and our wider alliance of partner schools provides us with a unique opportunity to provide a diverse and contrasting range of teaching and training experiences.

You will be trained in a highly supportive and aspirational environment where you will develop the rigour, professional knowledge, understanding and skills necessary for the delivery of the highest quality teaching and learning. You can be assured that our focus on scholarship and care applies not only to our young people but also to our trainee teachers.

Training with Queen Elizabeth School and South Lakes School Direct ensures that you will join a genuine teaching and learning partnership where we will work with each other. Our staff have the reputation for being the best in their profession and have a long and proven track record in training teachers and professional development. We value the contribution that trainee teachers can make to our community from your subject expertise to helping us to spearhead teacher training developments that are cutting edge; innovative and challenging in their approach, and providing the very latest approaches to teaching and learning.

As a South Lakes School Direct trainee teacher you will be part of a uniquely holistic approach to developing each and every young person, each and every day as we prepare our young people to be global citizens, equipped and ready to take on the world.

Our goal is to train the outstanding teachers and potential leaders of the future.

Course Delivery

Alongside your subject studies programme you will also follow the generic programme which aims to facilitate strong links between theory and practice. There is a clear and very distinctive focus on learning and in preparing for each of your school placements. Key areas of this include; how pupils learn, lesson planning, noticing and observing in the classroom, inclusion, equality and diversity, literacy and numeracy, presence and use of voice in the classroom and behaviour management.

The programme is delivered using a range of whole group and smaller subject group sessions, university led sessions, individual research, subject knowledge development sessions, pedagogical content knowledge and research based learning in addition to learning the craft of teaching and being involved in small group intervention and whole class teaching activities.

A Personalised Approach

Our programme is highly personalised taking into account your own individual learning and training needs. Classroom observations and school placements are chosen and specifically designed to develop and hone your professional skills, knowledge and practice. On placement you will be supported by an experienced Subject Mentor and a Professional Mentor who you will meet and have contact with every week along with ongoing support from the PGCE Programme and Subject Leaders.

What our Trainees Say

We have a long and very successful track record of training prospective new teachers, many of whom are now employed in our own school and in other schools in the South Lakes area.

'The training provided has been the best I have experienced throughout the whole of my educational career to date.'

'It has been an inspiring place to be a part of and the level of support from mentors has helped me to make massive progress.'

'I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to begin my teaching career in such a positive and inspirational setting and I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.'

'Though the expectations and pressures are high, the benefits have been massive and I feel I have flourished as a teacher.'

'Looking back it was the best thing that could have happened to me coming to this school. The quality of placement I have had has been exceptional.'

'I have had a fantastic and invaluable time here. From the inspiring role models I have been fortunate to work with, to the appreciation shown by all when something has gone well or a milestone has been reached.'

Alliance Partners

Our key partner schools include:

Our wider partnership and alliance of schools also includes:

You will have the opportunity to visit and train in many of these schools giving you the opportunity to experience a truly diverse and contrasting range of educational contexts. This will also create opportunities to reflect upon the differences between schools and share knowledge among the partner schools.

Term Dates

2014/15 Academic Year

Term 1

Term Start Monday 1 September
Term End Friday 19 December

Term 2

Term Start Monday 5 January
Term End Friday 27 March

Term 3

Term Start Monday 13 April
Term End Friday 26 June
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