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Working in Partnership and Placement Offers

Welcome to the Placement Unit

Aspirational training to achieve inspirational teachers with pupils' learning and well-being at the heart of our partnership.


The University of Cumbria is committed to offering learning opportunities that enhance the student experience, whilst recognising placement learning as being a core component of its programmes.

Placements are an integral part of the learning experience that enables students to apply theory to practice and develop core competencies and transferable skills. Through the support of qualified Mentors in a variety of placement settings across the North West of England and beyond.

Please use the links for more information regarding our Partnership and placement offers.

Working in Partnership

Our Partnership

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Placement Offers and Mentor Training

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Partnership Agreement

The continuing improvement of pupil attainment and the well-being of children are at the heart of this Partnership, and inform all aspects of the training of students to become qualified teachers.

The Partnership has a commitment to ensuring students are provided with the preparation which ensures that they evolve into good and outstanding professionals. This outcome is achieved through the distinctive roles and responsibilities across the partnership in both schools and the university. The close working relationship between University of Cumbria, University Partnership Tutors (UPT’s) and teachers provides an environment for the exchange of ideas that informs practice across the partnership.

Submitting placement offers will constitute your acceptance of our Partnership and Data Sharing Agreement. Further details and our full Partnership Agreement can be obtained here.

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