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Alumnus of the year

The Alumnus of the Year is a new award to recognise the vital and substantial contribution our alumni make.  Our award recipients have made an outstanding contribution in their field, they support and act as advocates for the university’s activities.

The title of the award will be either Alumnus of the Year, for one individual, or Alumni of the Year, for two or more. This will be awarded during our graduation ceremonies in either July or November each year. Our graduation ceremonies are the perfect opportunity to celebrate not only our graduates but also to recognise the outstanding achievements of figures from the wider local community.

We accept nominations from any member of the senior, academic and professional services staff or university Board Director or any University of Cumbria former student or UCSU member.

If you feel that you know somebody who deserves to be recognised please fill in our nomination form.


The nomination criteria

Nominees must be alumni of the University of Cumbria or its predecessor institutions and should exhibit outstanding, noteworthy achievement in at least one of the following areas.  Please indicate which criteria you believe the potential candidate meets. 

  1. Professional success demonstrated by notable career achievements.
  2. Extraordinary community involvement.
  3. Excellent service to the university of the following: service in alumni programmes, on advisory committees, student recruitment, internships, mentoring and job placements, and through efforts made to ensure the welfare and reputation of the institution.
  4. Promoting the Alumni Association, organizing class reunions and participating in careers and employability programmes.   

It is expected that nominees will meet at least one of the desirable criteria.

As part of our ongoing commitment to widening participation and diversity, we aim for our Honorary Fellows and Alumnus of the Year to reflect the rich diversity of those who engage with and support the University.  We are particularly interested in developing women and minority ethnic Honorary Fellowships and Alumnus of the Year who can enhance the reputation, academic rigor and scrutiny of our values and mission.  Applications are particularly welcomed for consideration from these groups.



The following would not normally be considered for an award even though they met the criteria above:

  1. Current members of the university’s staff or its Board of Directors or current students.
  2. Serving politicians, including Ministers of the Crown, Members of Parliament or front-bench members of the House of Lords.
  3. Former members of university staff and/or Board Directors within 24 months of having left their position.
  4. Anyone, or any organisation, where an offer of an award at that time could be construed as seeking an unfair and inappropriate advantage for the university.


How to nominate

It is very important that confidentiality is observed at all stages of the nomination and selection process.  Please do not disclose your nomination to the nominee or others until the nomination has received final approval by the University Board and accepted by the nominee.

Download and complete the Alumnus of the Year Nomination Form.  The form should be completed in full, stating how your nominee meets the criteria, your reasons for your nomination, the relevant experience, contribution or distinction of your nominee and their potential for ongoing involvement in the activities of the University of Cumbria.

Once completed this form should be returned to Julie Thompson, Vice Chancellor’s Office, Fusehill Street Campus, Carlisle, CA1 2HH or email to

When you have submitted your nomination form, you will be sent an acknowledgment of receipt. 


Meet our alumnus of the year award recipients

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