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Cultural Landscapes (Theme Lead: Penny Bradshaw)

This theme brings together areas of research which engage with the 'combined works of nature and humankind' (UNESCO) and which explore interpretations of, and creative responses to, the complex and dynamic relationship between human inhabitants and their natural environment, with a particular focus on how this relationship has evolved and continues to evolve in the 21stC.  The theme encompasses responses to the landscape - including anthropocentric environmental concerns - in literature/the arts and the impact of these creative responses on subsequent perceptions of the landscape, as well as more intangible processes and experiences such as a sense of place, creative inspiration, or the impact of landscape interactions on mental health and well-being.

Japanese temple in forest

Place-based cultural capital for marginal farming areas

Japan was used as case study to critically evaluate how policy makers, programme managers and farmers are developing ways to use cultural capital to support the continuation of farming in marginal uplands areas of Japan. 

Funder: Winston Churchill Memorial Trust

Partners: Ministries of Agriculture and Environment, Chidoya, Tokyo, Japan

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Research Framework for Lake District National Park

A year-long project to design a research framework for the development of the National Park Partnerships plan (2020 to 2025) with respect to their strategic objectives.  This work will also  support the LDNPA’s State of the Park report and the World Heritage Site attributes related to outstanding Universal Value.

Partners: the Lake District National Park Partnership (22 stakeholder organisations)

Funders: Lake District National Park Partnership


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