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1) Reflective Teaching - A guide.

2) Primary Trainees' Reflection in Action - Julie Ann Edwards, University of Southampton.

3) Reflection: to boldly go beyond the buzzword - Adrian Copping, University of Cumbria.

This PowerPoint was presented by Adrian at the TEAN event in June 2010. Adrian asked delegates to consider whether reflection can/should be a measured outcome for ITE? He reported on his research where student teachers videoed themselves in the classroom and then shared the reflective process of considering the effectiveness of the lesson with their peers. Students went in to video with no preconceptions, there was no 'lens' - they were to use the video as they wanted. Delegates at the event found the presentation and discussion fascinating and enjoyed 'going beyond' what has become a buzzword of 'good' educational practice - reflection. The following were just some of the ideas considered by the group:

  • Defensiveness hinders reflection
  • It is necessary to practise being reflective - you cannot just say 'I'm a naturally reflective person' and think it is an automatic process.
  • Reflection requires trust

If you would like to add to the debate about reflection, please contact TEAN

4) Pen portrait: How PGCE tutors at the University of Chester support mentors in developing critically reflective practice - Bethan Hulse, University of Chester.


These resources were originally published on the ESCalate (The Higher Education Academy's Subject Centre for Education) website.


Permission is granted unless otherwise stated to copy and distribute ESCalate materials in an unaltered form only, for the purposes of teaching, research, private study, criticism and review, provided that the original author and publisher is acknowledged. 

Reflection and reflective practice are arguably central to effective practice.

Reflecting on reflection; to develop and extend our understanding of reflection.

A report of the debate generated in the ESCalate workshop on reflection held at the University of Gloucestershire in 2009.

Primary Trainees' reflection-in-action

An individual paper on reflection from Julie-Ann Edwards, University of Southampton.

Placement/Project ESCalate Final Report

The focus of this study is The Reflective Practitioner: Undergraduate Independent Study Modules in Education Studies.
Jean Williams, De Montfort University

Evidencing Reflection: putting the 'w' into reflection

Thought piece on the value and uses of reflection in teaching/working in HE - with practical suggestions including questions to stimulate reflection
Phil Race

Commenting on reflective journals and reflective process analyses: Resources for Tutors and Staff Developers:
Report of a project, the main aim of which was to develop materials that would support staff in HE institutions who wish to develop reflective abilities in their students. The report provides background information and set of resources for teachers wishing to include reflective activities within their teaching

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