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M level PGCE: An Initial Guide - Keira Sewell, University of Southampton

Perceptions of Masters Level: Final Research Report 2009- Alison Jackson, University of Cumbria

A Masters Level Profession? The Mid-Course Views of PGCE Trainee Teachers- Claire Baldwin, Edge Hill University, 2009

Teaching: A Masters Level Profession - Discussions 2009

Teaching: A Masters Level Profession - Thoughts from UCET Conference 2009

Teaching: A Masters Level Profession - Continuing the Conversation at the University of the West of England 2010

Presentation PP from Jayne Woodbury: Teaching, a Masters level profession: developing inspiring teachers or accountable managers?

Presentation PP from Carolyn Bromfield: Masters in Teaching and Learning

Masters: a route to teacher professionalism - Continuing the conversation in Birmingham, 2013

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