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Module - Upland Farming for Net Zero

Upland Farming for Net Zero, developed in partnership with the Farm Carbon Toolkit, will develop your knowledge of where and how greenhouse gases are emitted, captured and stored on an upland farm. Farm visits and theory sessions will enable you to compare farming practices and land management options, with climate impact in mind. You will complete a farm carbon audit and make practical recommendations for actions towards net zero emissions.

Small group taught sessions will take place online, in-person at our Ambleside campus, and at upland farms in Cumbria.

Course dates: 9th September - 10th October 2024, part time.

Closing date for applications: Wednesday 31st July 2024

FREE places: Foundation for Common Land are offering 12 full bursaries, subject to eligibility,
via their Our Upland Commons project. Please visit: for details.
Please note: Bursary applicants must also apply to the University of Cumbria below.


Upland Farming for Net Zero  cover image

Course Overview

This course introduces climate science with a practical focus on the upland agricultural context and use of online calculators from Farm Carbon Toolkit. You will explore the climate impacts of various farming and land management practices and link these to productivity and profitability. The course will benefit upland farmers, land managers and advisors.

You will compare the quantity of greenhouse gases released and captured, through farming and land management practices and estimate the carbon stored in upland soils and vegetation. You will learn how different grazing regimes alter the flows and stores of carbon or carbon-equivalent gases and consider alternative practices during farm visits. You will complete a farm carbon audit and make recommendations of practical steps towards net zero.

The course includes farm visits, workshops and seminars at our Ambleside campus / local training venue (for courses outside of Cumbria), plus online evening lectures.

On this course you will...

  • Complete a realistic carbon audit for an upland farm.
  • Understand the role of carbon and ‘carbon equivalent’ gases in climate change and the concept of net zero.
  • Know where carbon is emitted and sequestered on an upland farm.
  • Compare the carbon-equivalent emissions from livestock under different management systems.
  • Know practical steps to take towards net zero.

Course Structure

What you will learn

The climate role of carbon dioxide and ‘carbon equivalent’ gases

Enhancing soil quality; carbon storage on peatlands and grasslands

Grazing regimes in practice

Delivering on net zero ambitions in the upland livestock sector

Blended finance and carbon credits

Exploration of Farm Carbon Toolkit and/or similar resources.

Linking carbon with productivity and profitability

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