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General Practice Nursing

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Do you want to be a general practice nurse?

CNO 002 Discovering a Career in General Practice Nursing is a single module available to nurses, either qualified or in training, who are looking for a real kick start to their career by providing information and insight into the role of a General Practice Nurse. 

Delivered via distance learning our module is tailored to allow a flexible approach to studying that fits around your work and home life.

The module is offered as Non-Credit Bearing, Level 6 (BSc) or Level 7 (MSc)

Fully Online

These modules empower nurses to explore General Practice Nursing from anywhere.

100% Free

100% free to students who currently reside in England, giving individuals the chance to pursue higher education.

Flexible career

General Practice Nursing is a flexible career choice, offering a balanced schedule and a supportive work environment.

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Are you qualified or in training?

Discovering a Career in General Practice Nursing is the perfect opportunity for nurses who are looking to expand their experience and take their careers to the next level. This module is specifically designed for nurses who are interested in pursuing a career in general practice, and it provides a comprehensive overview of what this field entails.

By enrolling in this module, you will gain a deeper understanding of the various roles and responsibilities of a general practice nurse. You will learn about the different types of healthcare facilities, including GP surgeries, and the types of patients you may encounter in your work.

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Looking for a change in your nursing career?

Are you looking to make a change in your nursing career? Are you finding that your current shift patterns are compromising your personal time? Consider switching to General Practice Nursing.

This career path offers a great balance between work and personal life, allowing you to take back control of your life. As a General Practice Nurse, you will have the opportunity to work with patients in a primary care setting, utilising your nursing skills and knowledge to provide comprehensive care. This role also provides a flexible schedule and a supportive work environment, allowing you to enjoy a fulfilling career while still maintaining a healthy work-life balance

Don't settle for a job that leaves you feeling unfulfilled and overextended. Make the switch to General Practice Nursing and experience the satisfaction and balance you deserve in your professional and personal life.

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