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Aptem at University of Cumbria


The Aptem Apprenticeship Management System is designed to manage the application and onboarding of learners onto the apprenticeship, behind the scenes it manages the ESFA compliance, funding and data returns. In addition, it provides the monitoring of learner progress and portfolio evidence for End Point Assessment (EPA). 

Delivering Apprenticeships with Aptem

Aptem is designed to manage apprenticeship progress and provides the following functions:

  • Managing OTJH by logging monthly progress against target hours.
  • Evidencing academic progress by recording modules have been passed.
  • Conducting TPRs using the review function.
  • Evidencing professional portfolio (relevant to the needs of the programme).
  • Provide online learning, (including Head Start in the future), to enable learning and development.
  • Hold key documents to evidence learner management (such as extensions, change of circumstances, additional support).
  • Monitoring of L2 Functional Skills development where requried.

Employer Guide to using APTEM Console

We have compiled a quick guide for employers on how to navigate the Employer Console: Aptem Employer Portal Guide

Support with using Aptem

How to reset a forgotten password

Which browsers are supported by Aptem?

How to use Aptem quick filters

How to use Aptem advanced filters

Overview of Aptem notes feature

Uploading OTJH to APTEM

We have recorded a short video showing learners how to upload their OTJH in their APTEM Learner Plan. 

OTJH Quick Guide for Learners

Aptem support form

For other queries, please use our Aptem Support Form:


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