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Our apprenticeship programmes have been designed in collaboration with employers, to ensure that apprentices are able to provide the high level skills your business needs in an increasingly competitive global market.

The University of Cumbria’s Offer

As a provider of apprenticeship programmes, the university also offers to its clients:

University of Cumbria Added Value

Additional services for which we can provide a competitive price include:

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Guide: How to recruit an apprentice

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What our apprentices say...

Higher level apprenticeships help develop high level skills within workforces. Find out how the apprentices themselves feel about having the opportunity to upskill themselves whilst at work.

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Employer Guide to Higher Level Apprenticeships

Download our Employer Guide to Higher Level Apprenticeships for more information on how these apprenticeships work in practice, including information on the apprenticeship levy and funding.

More information about funding and the revised apprenticeship system is also available on

HLA Employers Guide 2017

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The Levy and Funding

The way the Government funds apprenticeship training in England for all employers is changing, with the introduction of an apprenticeship levy for all UK employers who have an  annual pay bill over £3m.

Smaller employers, and employers who spend all of their levy, can benefit from government funding of up to 90% of the cost of training and assessment.

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The university has a variety of apprenticeship programmes ready for delivery or being developed across a wide range of sectors.

If you’re looking to utilise your apprenticeship levy or to access funding, contact us to discuss your options for developing existing staff or attracting new talent into your organisation.

Apprenticeship Courses
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Application process

To discuss how you can benefit from Higher and Degree Level Apprenticeships, please contact our Business Development Team.

Phone: 0845 606 1144

Download the application form (Word)

The application for an apprenticeship programme must be a joint application from the employer and the individual that will undertake the apprenticeship.

You will need to provide:

If you have any questions about the application process please contact the enquiry team at the university.

Phont: 0845 606 1144