A Project Academy for Sellafield

Originally established in 2016, the Project Academy for Sellafield is a joint working arrangement between the University of Cumbria and Sellafield Ltd. The Academy delivers project management short courses, professional qualifications and degree programmes to prepare and educate our employees in West Cumbria and Warrington for the changing landscape of project management.

The Project Academy is not a physical place; instead it is an integrated pathway of education, training, development and professional qualifications. The range of training and education we have developed for the Academy is available to all individuals and companies. We aim to benefit the whole region by developing much needed skills across all areas of project management, and for all levels of staff, from those who are starting their careers to more experienced colleagues.


Why was the Project Academy for Sellafield created?

The Project Academy was created to establish a centre of excellence for the development of project delivery skills. The Academy allows Sellafield to develop our growing capability to deliver our projects across the Sellafield site. As the Sellafield mission changes we need to ensure that all of the people working on our sites are provided with the education, training and professional qualifications required to deliver our unique and complex projects. The Academy has expanded to deliver education packages to the supply chain and external companies so that all organisations can benefit from the education and training that is delivered.


Since April 2016 we have had over 4,500 attendances on Project Academy short courses and professional qualifications, from Sellafield Ltd. and beyond, and over 450 registrations on higher education programmes. In November 2019, the Project Academy contract was recognised as part of Sellafield’s Contribution to the Profession APM Award.


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Support for the Academy

“The Project Academy for Sellafield continues to lead the way for educating the teams who are delivering some of our most complex projects. We’re proud to be able to develop the current and next generation of project professionals who will be delivering the changing Sellafield mission. Our sustainable approach to education means we’re work closely with local providers such as the University of Cumbria and their partners to deliver high quality products to our team, supply chain and local communities.”

Neil Crewdson, Interim Project Delivery Director, Sellafield Ltd


“Our project academy is vitally important, to mould the project professionals of the future who will bring in the infrastructure that will create a clean and safe environment for future generations.”

Martin Chown, CEO, Sellafield Ltd


We are proud to work with a range of partners to deliver world class project management education and training.


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