Want to get involved in project management? Looking to develop your current skills further through training in specialist project fields? Then you're sure to enjoy our extensive collection of project management programmes. We have been building our capacity and capability over the past few years, working closely with industry and the APM to develop a range of professional qualifications, professional development opportunities and higher education programmes.

Our aim is to support the development and transformation of project communities through applied education and specialisation, developing talented and experienced project managers who will optimise operational performance and generate tangible benefits for your business. Just click on the links below to see what we have to offer.

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What we offer

Along with consultancy, research and industry training, we offer an award-winning suite of higher education programmes and accredited by the award-winning Association for Project Management (APM).

We can offer closed cohorts for companies and can create a bespoke package of training based on your organisation’s individual needs, ensuring your employees only get the most relevant training. We also run a range of open access courses where your employees can get the benefit of working with other professionals, enabling them to network, exchange ideas, benchmark and develop communities of practice.

We are developing higher and degree apprenticeships across our full range of programmes within the University of Cumbria, and from 2017 we will be delivering these at level 4 and level 6.

Who we work with

We work extensively with the nuclear industry, but also work with the public sector, NHS, Armed forces, education, engineering, construction and service industries. The Project Management skills we help develop are suitable for all sectors and industries, improving your capabilities and supporting development of project management capacity across the organisation. Our integrated approach enables us to offer a highly customised, consultative and flexible approach to the delivery of project management education and training.

We are working with large organisations such as Sellafield Ltd - in April 2016 we secured the contract to deliver a ‘Project Academy for Sellafield’. We are the prime lead on this significant education and training programme, aimed at supporting the development of Sellafield employees and supporting the supply chain in the development of world class project management professionals delivering complex world leading projects.

Supporting the industry

We are strengthening our links to the nuclear supply chain and wider industry sectors through delivering open access courses and developing new academic products to meet the needs of project management professionals and supporting professions.

We have an established partnership and contract management team who will support industry partners in identifying the most appropriate products for business needs and ensure that the process from enquiry to completing your training is seamless

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Benefits of Working with us

We can offer a combination of both professional and academic provision. Thanks to our established partnership network of Further Education Colleges and Private Sector Specialist training providers, we can access and deliver a range of provision from one day courses based on specific subject such as NEC3, Commercial and Quality through to Project Simulation, the full suite of APM professional qualification, leadership and management, health & safety plus much more. These can be delivered either at the University or on one of our partner premises. If you are looking for closed cohorts, we can deliver these on site

Our commitments

We are dedicated to providing business based solutions and enhancing project management capacity and capability through our training and education. By helping you deliver projects more effectively and increasing your success, we can ensure that your staff and teams are ready to secure commercial opportunities.

More Information

For any further queries, please contact the Project Office on 01228 616332 or project.academy@cumbria.ac.uk