An exhibit of the work produced by our MA students across different artistic disciplines, including MA Photography, MA Creative Practice and MA Contemporary Fine Art.

One of the highlights of the year for the Institute of the Arts here at the University of Cumbria is our MA Show, which celebrates how far our MA students have developed during their time at Cumbria. In 2019, the show exhibits the work by our MA students from a collection of art courses, including MA Photography, MA Creative Practice and MA Contemporary Fine Art. 

The MA Show is essentially our students' final collection of work and it's a great opportunity to see, support and enjoy the work of upcoming artists. The exhibition is FREE to visit, so pop into our Brampton Road campus in Carlisle and enjoy the creative and intriguing work done by our students.

MA Show 2019 - Contemporary Fine Art and Creative Practice, MA contemporary fine art show - first image with a man balancing on a small object, second image female bride in white dress

Image credit: Video still from 'Flow and Resistance' by Kailas Sreekumar (MA Contemporary Fine Art) and Wedding Gown design by Bryony Harding (MA Creative Practice)

MA Show 2019 - Photography, Photography show - two images side-by-side, left image is a man with round glasses and a moustache, the right image is a forest

Image credit: Portrait by F.L. Hughes (MA Photography) and Landscape by Chloe Lewis (MA Photography)

Dates & Times

30th AUG 6-8PM - Preview Evening for Industry, Family and Friends 

31st AUG - 18th SEP 10AM-4PM - MA Photography*

31st AUG - 18th SEP 10AM-4PM- MA Creative Practice*

31st AUG - 7th SEP 10AM-4PM - MA Contemporary Fine Art*

*closed Sundays


Institute of Arts, University of Cumbria, Brampton Road, Carlisle, Cumbria CA3 9AY

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