One of the highlights of the year for the Institute of the Arts here at the University of Cumbria is our MA Show, which celebrates how far our MA students have developed during their time at Cumbria. The MA Show is essentially our students' final collection of work and it's a great opportunity to see, support and enjoy the work of upcoming artists.


MA Show 2020

Image Credit: Lucy Hadley student artwork - Thrush Print MA Show 2020

Our MA Show in 2020 includes work from our MA Creative Practice and MA Contemporary Fine Art students, including scriptwriting, sculpture, metalwork, ceramic work, videography, illustration and photography.


Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we have been unable to host this show physically as we have done every year, but to celebrate our students' achievements and creativity we have hosted this event digitally here on our website.


Visit the MA Show 2020 Virtual Exhibition


MA Show 2019


Our MA Show in 2019 included work from our MA Photography, MA Creative Practice and MA Contemporary Fine Art students. This show was incredibly diverse and included a variety of artistic disciplines and techniques such as ceramic work, photography, painting, illustration, performing art installations, dressmaking, dynamic videography and sculpting to name only a few.


The exhibition took place from the 30th of August to the 18th of September 2019 at our Vallum Gallery and Fine Art Studios at our dedicate art campus on Brampton Road, Carlisle. 


Visit the 2019 Show Page

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