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Work-Based Learning

What you need to know.

Whilst working alongside studying does require dedication from the student, we are here to support you to achieve the best possible results whilst progressing your skills and eduction.

If you are looking to study a Continued Professional Development course (CPD), many of our study programmes can be accessed through distance learning, and we provide study modes to be as flexible as possible. From single modules and short courses, to full programmes, you'll study in a supportive learning environment with experienced academics, who understand the demands and needs of work-based learning.

If you are looking to study an apprenticeship, then first and foremost this is a way to earn and learn; gaining a full bachelor's or master's degree alongside on-the-job training. Your learning is built to compliment your work, and aligns with your role to help develop your knowledge and understanding.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know that the prospect of studying alongside working would leave anyone with a lot of questions, and when you're embarking on your exciting new journey of studying a course or degree at university, you want to be sure you've got all the information you need on how your learning will work, and how you can expect to be supported throughout your Cumbria education. Which is why we have answered all of our FAQs below.

How many hours am I required to spend on campus?

How do I know if a CPD or apprenticeship is right for me?

How does the course fit in with my work?

Will I still have access to on-campus and digital university facilities?

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