Social Work, Children, Health and Social Care

  • Real-world experience

    On our courses you will complete a variety of placement and voluntary experiences that will help you develop your skills and employability prospects

  • Great facilities

    Boost your hands-on experience with our modern facilities, including our mock house to simulate home visits, hospital wards for practising hospital discharge meetings, and much more.

  • Expert tutors

    Our tutors are experienced practitioners in their specialist areas who are actively involved in research, which makes your learning current and informed by best practices.

  • Supportive environment

    You'll be taught by supportive lecturers who have open-door policies and provide 1:1 support whilst you study so you can successfully carry out your studies.

  • Close connections

    You'll benefit from the great connections we hold with local authorities, charities and health care providers, enhancing your placement and career opportunities.

Our programmes are suitable for those already working in, or who wish to work in, a wide range of health and social care settings such as Adult and Children’s Services, youth work, the NHS, Offender Management Services, educational support services, private and statutory health agencies, and social care organisations.

What courses do we offer?

We currently offer a range of programmes in Social Work, Youth work and Young people's wellbeing and Health and Social Care at undergraduate and postgraduate level:

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