Social Work

  • Social Work England approved

    Our Social Work courses are approved by Social Work England, so you'll graduate with the skills, knowledge and experience required to be a qualified social worker

  • Real world experience

    You'll spend 170 days on placement to gain real-world experience in social work and bolster your CV and job prospects

  • Great facilities

    Boost your hands-on experience of social work with our modern facilities, including our mock house to simulate home visits and hospital wards for practising hospital discharge meetings

  • Excellent tutors

    Our tutors are experienced social workers or social care professionals who are actively involved in research, which makes your learning current and informed by best practice

  • Close connections

    Our great connections with local authorities, charities and health care providers enhances your placement and career prospects

Our Social Work programmes are suitable for those already working in, or who wish to work in, a wide range of health and social care settings such as Adult and Children’s Services, the NHS, Offender Management Services, educational support services, private and statutory health agencies, and social care organisations.

What courses do we offer?

We currently offer programmes in Social Work at both undergraduate and postgraduate level:

BA (Hons) Social Work 

MA Social Work

Why should I study Social Work at the University of Cumbria?

Qualified social workers are much in demand and work with vulnerable people, children and families. They aim to promote independence through a process of empowerment so that people are able to make informed choices about actions that enrich their lives.

As a student on one of our Social Work courses you will draw upon the expertise and involvement of related academic disciplines within the Health and Wellbeing faculty to develop your knowledge and skills for inter-professional work.

You will have access to our Virtual Learning Environment 'Blackboard' which ensures that whilst you're on placement you'll remain connected with what's going on at university. You'll also regularly make use of the department's video cameras to film role play activities that will allow you to examine your skills and techniques.


This professional degree allows you to register as a social worker upon qualification with Social Work England. To do this, you will need to demonstrate the level of competence required under the national regulations - this is assessed during your placements.

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Student Testimonial

Conor Pinnons
BA (Hons) Social Work

"I really enjoy the vocational aspects of my course, especially working alongside service users. I have just finished my first placement and loved every minute of it, despite it's challenges (working with alcohol and drug addiction in Cumbria)."

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