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Honouring LGBT+ History Month through collaboration and community.

What is LGBTQ&A?

LGBTQ+ Health and Wellbeing

LGBTQ&A is a bespoke collaboration series created by Lancaster University and the University of Cumbria’s Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) teams and LGBTQ+ Student and Staff Networks to answer anonymously submitted LGBTQ+ questions in a safe space.

C/w: the content and conversation of this webinar may be emotionally challenging and some people may find the subject matter upsetting. Support for University of Cumbria Students can be accessed via Student Support | MyCumbria and staff can access the internal Health and Wellbeing Hub, alongside the range of support organisations located at Useful Links, Guidance & Signposting - University of Cumbria


Event Format

Moderator and Panellist

History of LGBTQ&A

University of Cumbria LGBTQ+ Network


The LGBTQ+ Staff Network was founded in September 2019 and now has over 50 members across our 5 campuses. The network sees colleagues come together every two months to share information, experiences, ideas, and concerns in a safe space that is open for all, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity. That includes allies.

The key focus for the network is visibility, education, and the development of a social community on and off-campus.

Get to know more about our network with Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Brian Webster-Henderson.

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