Congratulations on your appointment with the University of Cumbria.


Terms and Conditions

Please HPA Terms and conditions to view a copy of the university‚Äôs terms and conditions of employment for Teaching Associates.

You should keep a copy for your records.


Your line manager will initiate the induction checklist process with you on your first day.

Pension Information

The university is a member of the Teachers' Pension Scheme (TPS) and offers a group personal pension operated by Scottish Widows. The nature of your duties will determine which scheme is relevant.  Staff undertaking teaching roles will be contractually enrolled into TPS whereas those undertaking other duties including marking, research and consultancy will be assessed for automatic enrolment into the Scottish Widows Scheme. 


Further information about this scheme as well as the Member Guide is available here and you can register for My Pension Online here.

This can be used to check your pension benefits and notify TPS of any changes to your personal details.

Scottish Widows

Further information about this scheme is available from Payroll.

Claiming for Work

Please view our Hourly Paid Academic Claim Form to access a copy of the form you will need to complete to claim for work completed.

When the work has been carried out, please complete and email your claim form to your line manager of the contract.

To ensure your claim is processed, it is essential that all fields are completed correctly, particularly the contract number and remaining hours in the contract as this helps match your claim to the correct contract. Incomplete claim forms will be returned. Claims should be received by the 2nd of the month for work completed for payment on the 26th of that same month.

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