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Policies and Procedures

NMC Education Standard

Standards for Student Supervision

Programme Standards

Future Nurse Proficiences

Raising Concerns about Student Conduct, Competence and Performance

Raising Concerns about Student Conduct, Competence and Performance: Raising Concerns about a Students Conduct

Equality and Diversity

The University of Cumbria is committed to creating an environment where diversity is celebrated and everyone is treated fairly. This link provides you with information about the work we are doing.

Where possible reasonable adjustments should be made in the work based environment. Local placement policies should be followed with regards to this.

Good Health and Good Character

Good Health and Good Character: It is important that all students folowing health realted programmes conduct themselves professionally at all times in order to justify the trust the public places in our professions. Throughout the Pre-registration programme students will learn about the behaviour and conduct that the public expects from nurses and midwives. This Guidance on professional conduct for nursing and midwifery students sets out the personal and professional conduct expected of nursing or midwifery students in order for them to be fit to practice.

Good character: is also important as nurses and midwives must be honest and trustworthy. Good character is based on a person’s conduct, behaviour and attitude. It also takes account of any convictions and cautions that are not considered to be compatible with professional registration and that might bring the profession into disrepute. A person’s character must be sufficiently good for them to be capable of safe and effective practice without supervision.

Data Sharing

This Data sharing agreement defines the arrangements between the University of Cumbria, placement settings and partners providing placements for University of Cumbria students.

A full copy of our Data Sharing Agreement can be obtained here: Data Sharing Agreement .

Student Placement Policy

Placement Policy

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