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WIFI On-Campus

Internet Access in Conference Facilities

Please contact the Conference Officer to arrange wifi and internet access at the time of your booking or at least 48 hours prior to your arrival.

Internet Access in Halls of Residence

The internet in all of the university halls of residence is provided by Some devices connect automatically. If your device doesn’t connect automatically, you will need to register first:

  • On your device choose ‘’. This will take you to a page which invites you to enter your username and password, with a button that says ‘Sign in’.
  • Next to this button, there is a link in a blue font which says ‘Not registered?’.
  • Click on this link, which will allow you to register.
  • First, choose the basic package, which is ‘Broadband essential’ – this package is free in University of Cumbria student halls.
  • Add this to your shopping basket and click ‘proceed’.
  • The next page is ‘Create an Account’ – complete the required fields (marked with a red asterisk). Choose your own username and password and accept the terms and conditions.

If you have any problems connecting, please contact on 0333 123 0115.


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