As a registered apprenticeship training provider, the University of Cumbria is committed to delivering Higher and Degree Level Apprenticeships that successfully fill skills gaps and facilitate positive change and growth in a variety of sectors.

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Download our Employer Guide to Higher Level Apprenticeships for more information on how these apprenticeships work in practice, including information on the apprenticeship levy and funding.

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Open up your future! Call us now on 0845 606 1144 or send an email to to find out more about studying through a Higher or Degree Level Apprenticeship.


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For employers

See the website for information about the revised apprenticeship system, including the apprenticeship levy and guidance for employers carrying out the changes.

For apprentices

There are some great sources of information that will help you decide whether a Higher or Degree Level Apprenticeship is for you.

Open up your future! Call us now on 0845 606 1144

There are some great information sheets that will help explain Higher Level apprentices.

Open up your future! Call us now on 0845 606 1144 or send an email to