Apprenticeship Courses

We work closely with employers to develop apprenticeship courses that benefit both the apprentice and the employer. If you are an employer, or an individual with your employer's backing to study an apprenticeship, get in touch today.

We are working with employers to develop*:

Associate Project Manager Level 4

Assistant Practitioner (Health & Social Care) Apprenticeship Level 5 (Web Link) - Click Health Care Assistant Practitioner (HLA) to get a PDF of the course

Operations Departmental Manager (ILM) Level 5 (web link) - Click Operations Manager (HLA) to get a PDF of the course 

Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship Level 6 (web link) - Click Chartered Manager Degree (HLA) to get a PDF of the course.

Policing Level 6

Healthcare Science Level 6

*subject to validation

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