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Money and Society Summit in London

Saturday 22nd April 2017

“The Money and Society Summit 2: Enabling the Credit Commons" is a free unconference to learn and plan together. Participants from across the UK will develop ideas for future activities that maximise the positive societal impacts of complementary currency innovation.

The event is facilitated by Professor Jem Bendell with expert contributions from complementary currency experts Matthew Slater (Community Forge), and Leander Bindewald (IFLAS).

This event is an entirely non-commercial voluntary activity. No fees for participants or payments to the convenors. You are responsible for your own travel, accommodation, sustenance, insurance, visas and logistics. Please take note that none of the convenors will aid with any of those matters prior or during the event.

Participants will all be Alumnus of the Money and Society MOOC (see here).

58 East India Dock Rd, Poplar, London E14 6JE, UK


IFLAS Open Lecture Speaker  

Mick Fowler

On Thin Ice: Business Ethics and Climbing Ethics

Tuesday 25th April 2017, 5.30-7pm

Percival Lecture Theatre, Ambleside Campus, LA229BB

Mick Fowler is an award winning author, lecturer and climber. He was voted the ‘Mountaineers' Mountaineer’ in a poll by The Observer newspaper and in 2012 he was awarded the King Albert Mountain Award for his “outstanding contribution to mountaineering”.  

Mick will be exploring ethics and ethical choices in the field of climbing and parallels in the workplace. He will be discussing what steers climbers to make the ethical choices that they do, the consequences of those choices and whether or not those consequences were foreseeable or intended.

IFLAS Open Lecture speaker

David Saddington

Turning science into stories: How do we get people to care about climate change?

Tuesday 16th May 2017, 5.30-7pm

Percival Lecture Theatre, Ambleside Campus, LA229BB

​As a climate change communicator David works to raise the profile of the issue through blogging for media outlets like the Huffington Post, writing book contributions and organising innovative large scale public awareness events in the centre of UK cities involving outdoor cinema, interactive science experiments and panel debates. He is constantly looking for new and innovative to engage with the public and is currently exploring using Virtual Reality technology to tell the story of climate change.

In this IFLAS open lecture, which follows a year where ‘post-truth’ and ‘populist’ politics have reshaped the western world, David will share his ideas about what all of this means for climate action and how sustainability leaders need to respond. By turning science into stories David believes we can reenergise the conversation around this global challenge and create a more inclusive and diverse voice for change.

David's website is www.davidsaddington.co.uk

Vivienne Westwood: Exploring and Challenging Ideas on Sustainable Leadership, Climate and Social Change

Tuesday 20th June 2017, 5.30-7pm

Percival Lecture Theatre, Ambleside campus, LA22 9BB

“We’re delighted to welcome Vivienne to our Ambleside campus in the heart of the Lake District and offer her an ideal platform to deliver her thoughts and inspirations on subjects close to her heart and ours,” Prof Julie Mennell, Vice Chancellor, University of Cumbria said. “In our 10th anniversary year we could not think of a better place than Cumbria and the University of Cumbria for this kind of debate. We’re sure Vivienne will spark a stimulating and exhilarating discussion as she is exactly the kind of thought-provoking guest we love to welcome at our university.”

Vivienne is looking forward to talking about steps she believes everyone can take to help make a difference to one’s own life and the future of locations such as the Lake District.

“My fashion and my activism support each other; they are driven by the same motor. I want a better world. I say “Buy less, choose well, make it last.” Quality not Quantity. I use my green politics for graphics on clothes and my shows carry my activism themes. I use every opportunity to open my mouth.  I try to select, analyse and concentrate the most important information so people can cut through lies and propaganda and see what is real,” the designer said. “People ask, what can I do to help save the environment? In all my time as an activist, I’ve never had a satisfactory answer to give: Inform yourself, talk to your friends, support the NGOs, save a plastic bag; every one of your decisions count. This is the answer, but doesn’t go very far to solving the total problem which is overwhelming. Now we realise the answer: SWITCH to a Green Energy supplier.”

Vivienne Westwood will appear from 5.30-7pm in the Percival Lecture Theatre, University of Cumbria, Ambleside LA22 9BB

The event will be open to all with a percentage of tickets reserved for students. Tickets will be free and will be released shortly. To register an interest email rsvpevents@cumbria.ac.uk

Paul Rose diving

Paul Rose 

The very wet side of sustainability: Changing the world - one dive at a time!

Tuesday 4th July 2017, 5.30-7pm

Percival Lecture Theatre, Ambleside campus, LA22 9BB

The finest investment for a sustainable future must be ocean protection. Paul explores the last wild, pristine places in the ocean, communicates their value to the world and helps get them protected. To get this done he’s been lost under icebergs, bitten by moray eels, run out of air and attacked by a polar bear. Paul brings to life the challenges and successes of ocean protection with glorious images, film and enlightening tales. He invites us to bring enquiring minds and difficult questions!

A man at the front line of exploration and one of the world’s most experienced science expedition leaders, Paul Rose helps scientists unlock and communicate global mysteries in the most remote and challenging regions of the planet. 

Former Vice President of the Royal Geographical Society – representing Fieldwork and Expeditions, Paul is Expedition Leader for the National Geographic Pristine Seas Expeditions.

In his work for BBC Paul presents television programmes focused on science and the environment.

As a Polar Guide, Paul has led Greenland Ice Cap crossings, first ascents of previously unclimbed Arctic mountains and new ski-mountaineering routes.

He was the Base Commander of Rothera Research Station, Antarctica, for the British Antarctic Survey for 10 years and was awarded HM The Queen's Polar Medal. For his work with NASA and the Mars Lander project on Mt Erebus, Antarctica, he was awarded the US Polar Medal

A mountain in Antarctica is named after him.

Website: www.paulrose.org    


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