Departmental Support

The Institute has also been supported in its financial planning and business development by Rachel Lowthian (Enterprise and Operations Manager, CBIC), Paul Armstrong (Enterprise and Innovations Lead), and Elaine Flowers (Head of Educational Partnerships and Lifelong Learning); in its internal relations by Dr Caroline Rouncefield (Head of Department, Business, Law and Social Sciences); and through provision of teaching resources by Dr Elspeth Lees (Head of Department, Science, Natural Resources & Outdoor Studies).

Postgraduate Research

All research degree candidates are members of the Graduate School. Professor Diane Cox is the Director of Research & Head of the Graduate School. Sonia Mason (who is your point of contact with the University of Cumbria administration) runs the Graduate School Office, which is on the ground floor of the Gressingham Building on the University of Cumbria Lancaster Campus. 

Associate Scholars and Visiting Lecturers

The Institute collaborates with individuals who are established in their fields as reflective practitioners and who seek to help IFLAS develop its activities on areas of mutual interest. Some of these are contracted to provide lecturing and tutoring on an ongoing basis.

David Bent, MSc, is Deputy Director of Forum for the Future, working with companies on sustainable business models. He works with IFLAS in offering a short course on sustainable innovation.

Tim Sims is an experienced coach, facilitator, consultant and trainer with all levels of leadership and management in the public, private and voluntary sectors. Through Fiona Reed Associates, Peter works with IFLAS on the MBA residentials.

Jonathan Bowyer is an experienced facilitator, trainer and coach, specialising in the impact of principles and values on management and leadership behaviour and organisational development. Through Fiona Reed Associates, Jonathan works with IFLAS on the MBA residentials.

Ian Doyle is a Senior Associate with Lifeworth Consulting, specialising in advising and educating managers on Corporate Social Responsibility. In 2013 Ian worked with Professor Bendell in writing the book Healing Capitalism, and in delivering workshops on Giving Voice to Values, at Impact International’s Learnfest.  

Anne Ellersiek is former Research Fellow with the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development. She is working with Professor Bendell on a book on the accountability and effectiveness of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in creating social transformations. 

Sharon Jackson, MSc, is Director of the European Sustainability Academy, a leadership centre in Greece. In 2013 Sharon taught on IFLAS short courses on community currencies, and she co-wrote two projects for submission to the European Commission.

Richard Little is a Senior Consultant with Impact International, the global organisational development specialists based in Ambleside. In 2013 he advised on a range of business development issues at IFLAS, and taught a module that is adopted onto the Post Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Leadership.  He serves on the Advisory Board and is a judge for the Sustainable Leader Scholarships for funded places on the PGC in Sustainable Leadership.

Richard Lemmey, MA, is an experienced educator, using experiential learning and the outdoors for professional development. Richard works with IFLAS on our Masters-level programmes.

John Rogers, PGCE, is a Senior Associate with Community Forge, specialising in education on local currency and exchange systems, based in Germany. In 2013 John spoke at the local launch of IFLAS and taught on our short courses on complementary currencies.

Paul Rose is Vice President of The Royal Geographical Society (RGS), expedition leader and BBC presenter, raising awareness of environmental challenges. In 2013 he helped devise and host the launch at the RGS.

Will Ruddick, MS Physics, is the co-founder of Koru Kenya and the Bangla Pesa local currency, near Mombasa, Kenya. In 2013 Will worked with Professor Bendell on a conference paper on complementary currencies, and in media work, for instance with Al Jazeera television. His work is profiled in this report (see “A Courageous Case Study in Kenya”).

Dr. Cornis Van der Lugt, MBA, is a former Coordinator of the United Nations Environment Programme’s (UNEP) work on corporate social responsibility, and a Senior Research Fellow at Stellenbosch University Business School, South Africa. In recent years he was a contributing author to the UNEP Green Economy Report as well as the TEEB for Business report (Natural Capital Coalition)

Doctoral Researchers

Arianna Briganti MA MSc is a development economist, practitioner and researcher specialising in the holistic growth and management of emerging economies. Her foci are on generative sustainable development, institutional development and living educational theory research. A development manager for initiatives implemented by both Governmental and non-Governmental organizations mainly in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe, Arianna has worked extensively with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Development Cooperation Unit) and is engaged with the German Government Agency for the International Development Cooperation. She co-founded and manages pro bono the non-profit organization Nove Onlus. She is currently collaborating with the Swedish foundation ‘Cultural Heritage without Borders’ in Albania and is a peer-reviewer of the Educational Journal of Living Theories. Her Ph.D. title is, ‘As a development economist how do I contribute to the establishment of the human capabilities of the people I work with in the developing countries?’ Her doctorate is being supervised by Professor Jack Whitehead, Dr. David F Murphy and Professor Moira Laidlaw.

Leander Bindewald (MSc, MA) is an expert in Complementary Currencies ( and he manages the international Community Currencies in Action (CCIA) project for the Finance and Business Team at the New Economics Foundation. Leander holds a masters degree in Neurobiology (Diplom Biologe) and a Master of Arts (Magister Artium) in Philosophy and Business from the University of Freiburg in Germany, his country of origin. His research interest is in the theory and practice of innovative exchange and monetary systems framed as social technologies for the advancement of democratisation and empowerment. His PhD title is “The Practice of Community Currencies and the Critical Examination of the Discourse of Money.” Leander also teaches on IFLAS short courses and our Certificate of Achievement in Sustainable Exchange. Professor Bendell and Dr Audrey Slight supervise his PhD.

Jo Chaffer, MADT, is a highly experienced global consultant, trainer and coach specialising in strategy, change and leadership with particular expertise in cultural bridging ( Jo's research interest is in developing leaders whose understanding of themselves and their role is constructed through socio-centric and eco-centric self-construal.  Jo's PHD working title is "Into the Wild: transformative journeys for (sustainable) leadership development." Professor Jem Bendell, Dr Kaz Stuart and Jamie McPhie are the advisors for this study. Jo brings together an academic background in outdoor experiential learning, Critical Leadership Studies and ecology alongside professional practice in supporting leaders of organisations in private, public and third sector organisations. She's also a mountain guide with many years climbing, biking and trekking in the higher ranges to call on.

Sonia Hutchison BSc is an expert in unpaid caring and non-profits having worked in the sector supporting carers and care-givers for over a decade. Chief Executive of a local UK carers' charity which has tripled in size under her leadership over the last 6 years and Development Executive of a small national UK charity supporting young carers with ambition and tenacity to succeed. Sonia has been recognised for her tireless work to improve the lives of carers and their families. Sonia is now researching how she has come to be a success in her career after starting of life in foster care where statistical predictions for life chances have remained stubbornly low to achieving both personally and for carers and their families. Her enquiry question is 'How does my lived experience, from being ‘a child in care’ to being a leader of a carers’ charity, sustain the hope that I can be the change I want to see in the world? Sonia has taken her research around the world presenting in the USA, Canada, South Africa and the UK. Sonia's supervision team for her doctorate are Professor Jack Whitehead, Dr. David F Murphy and Dr. Marie Huxtable.