A collection of scholarly works related to teacher education

TEAN has two possible online repositories for your paper; one is the TEAN journal, which is a peer-reviewed academic journal.

The other is the Storehouse. This folder in the Storehouse brings together materials from individuals who have something important to offer the sector. They are not peer-reviewed but are carefully considered and edited by TEAN. They may be somewhat anecdotal; they may be an account of research in progress but not completed; they may be a discussion of any aspect of scholarly practice which you feel is of value to colleagues.


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Latest papers

Identifying the Influence of CPD on Day-to-Day Decisions Made Within the Classroom - Emma Oliva, University of East London (date posted 11.07.18) - The Influence of CPD

Doodling: is it a distraction or benefit? - Ros Steward, University of the West of England (date posted 11.07.18) Download Ros' paper - Doodling: is it a distraction or benefit?

A Connected Curriculum: Working across Subject Boundaries in Music and Drama - Tom Breeze, Cardiff Metropolitan University (date posted 9.07.18) Download Tom's paper -  A Connected Curriculum

Enabling and Encouraging Student Teachers’ Reflective Capabilities through Programme Saturation - Mark Minott, Independent Researcher (date posted 6.06.18) Download Mark's paper - Programme Saturation

A thought-piece: Five misconceptions in mindfulness and why they may be harming your pupils - Alan Weller, University of East London (date posted 16.04.18) Download Alan's paper - Five misconceptions in mindfulness

A discussion / perspective piece: Teaching trainee teachers to meet the needs of autistic pupils: ‘How the devil do we do that in the time available?’ - Clare Lawrence, Bishop Grosseteste University (date posted 14.03.18) Download Clare's paper - Meeting the needs of autistic pupils

A ‘something to say’ thought piece: Should there be a core curriculum for Initial Teacher Education in England? Five go on an epistemological adventure - Mari Cruice, University of Roehampton, Lorna Smith, University of Bristol, Gabrielle Cliff Hodges, (formerly) University of Cambridge, Rachel Roberts, University of Reading (date posted 30.10.17) Download their thought-piece - A thought- piece

Verifying personal attributes which enable Teaching Assistants to function in their day-to-day tasks. A quasi literary investigation - Mark Minott, University of the East of London (date posted 25.9.17) Download Mark's paper - Teaching Assistants' day-to-day tasks.

CONES: Compulsory Online Named Evaluations by Students - to quantify, evaluate and reflect? - Ruth Sutcliffe, Rachel Sparks Linfield and Gaynor Riley, Leeds Beckett University (date posted 25.9.17) Download the paper -

CONES: Compulsory Online Named Evaluations by Students


Archive 2009 - 2015

  1. The Professional Development Needs of Teacher Educators in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and School-based Mentors in Schools and Thoughts from Delegates at UCET about this TDA Study.
  2. How do school-based mentors support student teachers' learning in school? An investigative survey into perceptions of teacher educators in England - Alison Jackson, University of Cumbria.
  3. Helping students to transfer challenging pedagogical ideas from university training to school: investigating a collaborative approach - Dave Benson and Rupert Knight, University of Derby (date posted 09.02.10)
  4. It's not just a Game: Educating the Educators - Josie Harvey, University of Huddersfield (date posted 09.02.10)
  5. Reflection on Peer Reflection: reflecting on practice to enhance student learning - Lawry Price, Roehampton University (date posted 09.02.10)
  6. How to acquire mental addition and subtraction skills: a review of text books available to support ITE students - Sue Davis, University of Leicester (date posted 22.06.10)
  7. 'I'm a trainee teacher, get me out of here': does reality TV have a place in Initial Teacher Training? - Jan Machalski, Bishop Grosseteste University College and Jenny Dobbs, Cherry Willingham Community School (date posted 23.08.10)
  8. Action Research: Challenges facing mature returners to education and strategies undertaken by an Applied Education Studies Team - Jill Wallis, University of Bedfordshire (date posted 21.12.10)
  9. ‘Turning a challenge into an opportunity’: developing a practical understanding of managing change within an ITE programme - Lynn Bhania and Dianne Solly, University of Hertfordshire (date posted 23.09.11)
  10. Hooked on Coaching - Chrissi Nerantzi, University of Salford (date posted 23.09.11)
  11. Student perspectives on learning with wikis - Claire Hawkins, Edge Hill University (date posted 18.09.12)
  12. Quality in the Classroom, a Conference on School Education 4-7 April 2013 Kathmandu, Nepal - Anne Brown (02.05.13)
  13. Constructing a Pedagogy for Voice Training in ITT - Lesley Hendy, Jo Palmer-Tweed, Suzanne Parke (14.03.15)
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