Welcome to the University of Cumbria’s performance testing service. Here, our aim is to use our expertise in exercise physiology, biomechanics and rehabilitation to support the needs of athletes aiming to improve their sporting performance, from the everyday athlete to the elite.

Using our large array of equipment, our service will allow you:

  • To assess, track and optimise cardiovascular fitness through maximal and submaximal testing, using Cortex gas analysis and blood lactate.
  • Support conditioning and rehabilitation programmes through use of our state-of-the-art Biodex system 4 Dynamometer, optojump systems and Pasco force plates.
  • Monitor body composition and blood profile responses to prolong training.

Our tests and Packages – We have designed a series of package programmes that we think are the perfect balance for a range of different sports. Each package combines a selection of the individual tests we offer, at a discounted rate, to allow yourself, training partners or teammates to access the performance services together.

Our current package deal sports are Running, Cycling, Rowing, Rugby and Football.

We can also offer tests individually for those not wanting to make use of our package deals and have the ability to tailor a package to suit the sporting needs you require, allowing you to fully make use of our sporting equipment, facilities, and experience, no matter your background.

For information on booking, pricing and follow up support, please contact either sportperformance@cumbria.ac.uk or our senior technician at callum.aldridge@cumbria.ac.uk.

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