The UoC Active team are here to help with your wellbeing.

Participation in regular physical activity can increase our self-esteem and can reduce stress and anxiety. 

Take a look at our sports centre membership options for Lancaster or Carlisle, or see below how our free activities could help you.


UoC Active Running

Introduction to running from UoC Active

Running is one of the simplest forms of exercise. Done correctly it can be of great benefit to both physical and mental health. At UoC Active we thought it would be useful to publish some hints and tips, to encourage both staff and students to get or stay active. Below you'll find a useful resource from us to get you started, from what kit you'll need to how to take your running further once you're ready. You'll also find below a four-week programme to help provide a short plan whether you're a beginner or you're already a runner and would like to improve.

Introduction to UoC Active Running 2021

UoC Active Running: Week 1

Welcome to the first week of sessions for our UoC Active Virtual Run Group: UoC Active Running Week 1

UoC Active Running: Week 2

Welcome to the second week of our UoC Active Virtual Run Group. This week we build on the foundations laid during week one: UoC Active Running Week 2

UoC Active Running: Week 3

Week three already for the UoC Active Virtual Run Group!

See your sessions: UoC Active Running Week 3

Uoc Active Running: Week 4

Time flies when you are having fun! Week 4 for our UoC Active Virtual Run Group. This week sees the beginners look to continue to increase time and distance where as the improvers have a recovery week, allowing the body to adapt to the first three weeks of training: UoC Active Running Week 4

UoC Active Pilates session

This Term

Online Pilates sessions take place each week on Microsoft Teams which you have free access to as a student or staff member of UoC. 


UoC Active Pilates session - Wednesdays, 5:15pm - 6pm with Savannah.

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UoC Orienteering

Orienteering activities

Orienteering is a great sport to participate in, combining map reading skills with walking, jogging or running. It’s also a great way to have fun with friends or family navigating your way around a set course.

At Lancaster campus, we have set up an Orienteering trail. Start at the first number, and plot your way around the twenty other permanent signs. To verify you have found all the signs, you need to write down the letters or numbers associated with each sign

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