Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing


Your wellbeing is very important to us at the university. That’s why we offer a wide variety of confidential support and advice to help you out when you need it.

Life can be complicated. Personal, emotional and psychological problems can impact on your ability to study. Counselling and therapy can give you time to explore what is going on in your life in a safe setting. You will be listened to, respected and not judged. You can explore ways to help yourself, do things differently, be clearer about things and move on. Our Mental Health and Wellbeing Team incorporates Counselling, Therapy and Mental Health Case Worker support, Mental Health Mentoring, and students at the University of Cumbria have access to this specialist level of support.

Our Mental Health Case Workers, and qualified and trainee Psychological Therapists offer confidential support and advice in a number of ways:

  • Information on how to access services provided by the NHS and Social Services
  • Support for disabled students including some aspects of mental health
  • Counselling and therapy service
  • Information for staff and students

Appointments are available at each campus during the week and we run workshops and group sessions throughout the year.

Fusehill campus Facilities


We want you to keep healthy and enjoy every aspect of your life whilst at university. Students have access to a range of health and sports facilities and clubs across our sites, taking advantage of local sports facilities. Each campus has something different to offer. We provide a friendly and supportive environment within our small, welcoming campuses, so why not get involved? Take part in a varied and dynamic range of opportunities beyond your course from abseiling and sports, to music and recreation.

Sports and Recreation Facilities

Students Union Clubs and Societies



To get more information on the health services we can provide, visit our Student Health and Wellbeing page, or contact our team using the Student Enquiry Point.



Health Emergency: Telephone 999

Health Non-emergency: Telephone 111

Samaritans: Telephone 116123