The University of Cumbria's Institute of Education is breaking new ground and enabling mentors in our partner schools to complete Mentor and Lead Mentor Qualifications.

Mentors in individual and clusters of schools, who work with the university to help support and develop trainee teachers and newly qualified teachers, can now have their work formally recognised.

The scheme will enhance support for student trainees in school and improve their early professional development. It is hoped that it will have an impact on overall schools ethos, encouraging leadership/CPD/career progression.

The qualification will also provide a possible bridge to a master’s level qualification for teachers and students alike.

There are two levels of qualification:

  • Qualified Mentor Status (QMS)
  • Qualified Lead Mentor Status (QLMS)

The framework is based on the National Standards for School-based Initial Teacher Training (ITT) Mentors published in July 2016 by the DfE.

Sam Proctor, who works at Lindal and Martin Primary School, was the first teacher to be awarded Qualified Mentor Status.

“We learned of the award from the Partnership Tutors at the university," Sam said. "[This accreditation] allows us as mentors to become better at what we do and guide trainee teachers and other mentors in our school.”

If you would like to learn more about this scheme contact Linda Muir at

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