Find out all you need to know about traveling to our Lancaster campus, whether you're cycling, driving or taking the bus

Pay and display parking

Pay and Display parking is available on this campus, the university operates a cashless parking system. It is possible to pay for you parking, by Pay by Phone, App or Connect Cashless Parking website. Please see the table below for prices.

Pay-and-display parking charges
Length of timePrice
0-2 hours £1.00
2-4 hours £1.60
4-8 hours £2.40
8-10 hours £3.20

Connect Cashless Parking Guidelines

Car Parking Policy 2023-2024

Parking permits

Visitors (including open days, course interviews and conferences)

Open day attendees, course interview candidates, conference delegates and other visitors should be provided with parking information and permits by their hosts.

This will involve either a dedicated visitors parking area, supply of a visitors' parking permit, or use of pay-and-display. Visitors' parking permits might be provided in advance or arrangements made for their collection on arrival.

Unless a dedicated visitors' parking area has been provided, visitors' parking permits are valid in any non-allocated parking space.

Where an area is designated for visitors parking, staff and students with a parking permit or pay and display ticket must not park there.

For the avoidance of doubt, the following definitions are used in deciding eligibility:

  • ‘Bona fide’ visitors are people who have been invited to the university and are not being paid. This includes people who are paying to attend an event but who are not students. This would include open days, conference delegates and registration events.

  • Contractors and consultants are regarded as permanent employees for parking purposes. This means that they would need to use pay and display parking or purchase a twelve week or annual parking permit.

Parking permits


Student parking permit charges
Permit typePrices
12 month annual permit £70.40
Car share £36.30
12 week permit £28.05
1-4 week permit £11.00 - £40.00
Zero VED permit 50% discount on any of the above prices

On-campus parking

On-site parking is available to all students who have purchased a parking permit or a pay and display ticket.

Pay and Display parking is available on this campus, the university operates a cashless parking system. It is possible to pay for you parking, by Pay by Phone, App or Connect Cashless Parking website

Apply for a student parking permit

On-street parking

Students are asked not to park on neighbouring residential streets.


LocationPermit typePrices
All campuses Salary Band 1 – Up to £10,500 £55.55
All campuses Salary Band 2 – £10,500 - £15,000 £118.14
All campuses Salary Band 3 - £15,000 - £25,000 £145.64
All campuses Salary Band 4 - £25,000 - £35,000 £169.62
All campuses Salary Band 5 - £35,000 - £42,000 £217.69
All campuses Salary Band 6 – Over £42,000 £255.31
All campuses Car Share Cost determined by salary band
All campuses 12-week permits £48.07
All campuses Zero VED permit 50% discount on any of the above permit prices. Cost determined by salary band.

Apply for a staff parking permit

On-street parking

Staff and students are asked not to park on neighbouring residential streets.

Bicycle Parking

Bicycle parking is available on campus - please see the Lancaster campus map for details.

Anyone using the bicycle parking must ensure that they lock their bicycle securely to the racks. The University does not accept liability for any property that is lost, stolen or damaged on campus.

Join the University of Cumbria Strava club

Do you bike, run or walk to work or study at the University of Cumbria?

Then join the University of Cumbria Strava Club!

Strava is a social media site that allows cyclists and other outdoorsy people to use GPS data to share routes and compare their performance. 

If you’ve got a GPS device or a smartphone you can log your activities and upload them to the site. You’ll then be able to find out what other students and staff have been up to – helping you to pick up new route ideas and meet new people with similar interests. The site will also help you meet other people who ride the same commutes as you on a regular basis.

Visit the club page at     

Security advice

Please note: We strongly advise that Strava members use the site’s ‘Privacy Zone’ function to keep their home address hidden. 

For more information visit the Strava security information page

Bus travel

Our Lancaster campus is well-served by public transport, with buses stopping frequently at the stops near the campus entrance. 

As a University of Cumbria student, you can get discounted season tickets for Stagecoach bus travel in Lancaster (the ‘Unirider’ ticket).

Get a UniRider ticket

Find bus times

Train travel

The Lancaster train station is a 20-30 minute walk from campus and a five-minute walk away from the bus station.

Rent a moped

If your usual home address is in Cumbria and you face difficulties getting to our University, it might be possible to loan you a moped at a heavily discounted rate. The moped could be used to get to one of our campuses or to get you to a bus stop or train station.

The moped loan scheme called Wheels 2 Work (W2W) is operated by Inspira and all arrangements would be made with their W2W Co-ordinator.

To be eligible for a loan:

If a loan is agreed:

Your journey would be assessed by Inspira.

For more details please phone Deborah Naylor on 01900 604674 or email

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