Under the Freedom of Information Act, the university is required to adopt a Publication Scheme setting out the types of information which we are committed to make routinely available to the public.

The University of Cumbria scheme is based on a Model Publication Scheme developed by the Information Commissioner, who oversees the Act nationally.

How to find information

The vast majority of information included in the Scheme is available on our website. To help you find what you are looking for, links to information are grouped together under the following categories:

Where information is only available on request, or you require a hard copy, please use the contact details for the relevant Faculty or Service. 

If you are not sure which Faculty or Service would have the information you require, please contact us:

Email: foia@cumbria.ac.uk 
Telephone: (01524) 384754

Charges for information

Most information listed in the Publication Scheme is freely available on our website or can be emailed to you on request. 

For hard copies, we would normally charge for photocopying and postage, in line with our current photocopying charges. However, we do not normally charge where the cost is less than £10. 

We will let you know how much the document will cost before we copy it for you.

Information not covered in the Publication Scheme?

If the information you are looking for is not listed in the Scheme, you canmake a request for it under the Freedom of Information Act.

Complaints about the Publication Scheme

The university has a comprehensive FOI Complaints Procedure available on our FOI pages, which you can use if you believe the university is failing to comply with our Publication Scheme. 


The information listed in the Publication Scheme is the copyright of the University of Cumbria. 

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