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I am a School/Mentor

Mentors core content framework

Mentors Core Content Framework

Mentor Briefings and Essential Training

School/mentor: Placement forms and supporting documentation

Placements are an integral part of the learning experience that enables our students to apply theory to practice and develop core competencies and transferable skills. On these pages, and through the support of qualified Mentors, you will find our placement documentation that will help our students successfully develop. All the relevant documents are accessible to download and we advise that documents are not saved to desktop / storage devices as these are often subject to annual review.

Placement Forms, SPAR and Supplements

Placement Handbook

Effective Target Setting for ITE Trainees

Quality Assurance Recording

Curriculum Depth Documents

Working in partnership with us

Working In Partnership and Placement Offers

Mentor and further training

Mentor Training

Mentor Qualifications at the University of Cumbria

National Award for SEN Coordination

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