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The Emotions of Teaching

This initial page on the Emotions of Teaching is based around the TEAN workshop held at Birmingham City University on March 12th 2010, led by Alan Mortiboys, BCU and Eamonn Pugh, University of Cumbria. Please contact TEAN to suggest more material for this section of the Storehouse.

Alan Mortiboys opened the workshop by challenging delegates to consider what it means to teach with Emotional Intelligence (EI). What is it? Why does it matter? He suggested that subject expertise and learning and teaching approaches required the third element of EI to be successful. 

Alan recommended that we consider the Physical Experience for the learners and shared a useful check chart for considering this.

'Being present' is another important element in using EI to consider the needs of the learner. This is taken to mean being 'in the moment', 'being alert'. Download the questionnaire to discover how 'present' you are.

Finally what about the fears of adult learners? Do you know what they are and how can you allay them? Download the 'Addressing Learners Fears' help sheet for you to examine this.

Eamonn Pugh shared his research to date into EI with student teachers. This is a work in progress and suggests fascinating outcomes. If you are working in this field, please contact TEAN so that a network can be created.

Alan suggested that working with emotions should be an essential part of what we do and receive a greater share of our energy. Certainly EI has clear links with ways to enhance the reflective skills which are so vital for teachers. Delegates thought that EI will help to strengthen existing practice and develop new practice and help tutors and student teachers alike to become more aware of their teaching style, thereby benefitting the learners in their care. Certainly an inspiring day with thought-provoking messages for us all.

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